Which CFL QB would you pick if you were a GM


Ok folks- you are the new GM of the Ottawa franchise and you can steal any QB in the CFL. Who would your pick be and why to lead the revived Franchise of the names below. Money is no object and all are available!! If you care to , tell us why not for some of the others!

-Dave Dickenson
-Anthony Cavillho
-Damon Allen
-Michael Bishop
-Kevin Glenn

  • Jason Maas
    -Henry Burris
    -Ricky Ray
    -Kerry Joseph
    -Buck Pearce
    -Casey Printers

3 years ago... Casey Printers

Right now... Kevin Glenn

3 years from now... Richie Williams

starter - Joseph
backup - Buck
future - Williams

Starter - Joseph
Backup - Buck
Future - Buck (he's not very old)

Williams 7 yrs from now as his situation in Ham. reminds me of a young Glenn in Sask. Until then your lineup looks tight.


Joseph? really? I'm a huge Rider fan but my choice would have to be Ricky Ray.

Or Casey Printers, he's still good.

Interesting question, Turkey.
As stated, Ricky Ray is the guy.
DD might aguably be better–or even KJ having his MVP year.
But both of them are old, so not a good fit for a brand new franchise.

However, I think a better question might be, if your team can only protect one QB in the expansion draft, who do you protect, and then, out of the unprotected QBs who do you take.
Given that there is a vey good chance that the draft will work that way–if and when it comes–that is the question.

BC likely has the biggest dilemna.
Old and injury prone, but still the best, DD. Young and injury prone,Buck. Or old but sturdy, and effective this year, but not under contract, JJ.
Sask protects KJ, Calgary–Burris, Edmonton RR, Winnipeg, Glenn, Montreal likely protects Cavillo.
I wonder if TO protects Bishop, or Hamilton protects Printers. Likely, but not sure they should…

So then you select 3 QBs from the remainder.
I like Richie Williams, Lefors, and which ever guy BC doesn’t protect.

Andy Fantuz.

He can throw it up, then run under and catch it.

What if the Argos protect Allen?... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Should it come to pass, it will be very interesting to see what the league mandates, whether it be that each team can protect 1 QB or 2. Will make a big difference.

If you are limited to choosing from:


the list looks a lot brigher if you can choose from

Jackson, Pierce
Jyles, Lefors
Sankey, Nealy
Crandell, Durant
Dinwittie, Kingsbury
Williams, Chang
Butler, Allen
Brady, Maas

I really think it would not be a good move for the Lions to protect DD in the draft, they have two other QBs who are just as capable of leading the team, and have shown it this year and last. I would protect Jackson myself, he seems to be the most durable QB of the three.

Buck Pierce would be perfect for the Ottawa Rough Riders.

Kerry Joseph is the toughest QB in the mix. He can throw the ball 70 yards, juke and jive in open field, and take a hit like no other QB in the league. This guy will play all season long.


Yeah, and he’s 34, and already endured a 3 year long nightmare in Ottawa. What has he done to you that you’d want to punish him like this?

Pierce is going no where. Now Dickenson may be a different story.....

I'd take a healthy Dickenson With Pierce as backup.But, If I was building a team for 2008 then I'd go Ricky Ray, with Buck Pierce as back up.

Well, let's not forget, this whole conversation is putting the cart before the horse that's not even pregnant yet with the horse that's gonna give birth to the horse that's gonna pull the cart.

The first thing they need is someone with many millions of dollars who is genuinely interested in losing alot of them to have a team in Ottawa. Then they have to find someone to elevate Frank Claire Stadium to at least a level of mild dilapidation, and finally, they will need to find more than 1,500 people in that City who care whether or not there is a team.

We're better served looking at kids in Pop Warner to find Ottawa's next QB....

lol. I think KJ is a top QB. He deserves to play with a good club.

I see a lot of people picking Ray and Pierce...Ray is overrated in my opinion, the short passing games is not as effective as it was a couple years ago. And Pierce? really? This kid is too small. He got beat up pretty quick this year. And he looked gun-shy in his return.


Ray overated?????

Corney, or Chief, please remind us how many Grey Cup Rings Ray has! :roll: :roll: :roll:

Ray's a good QB. Possibly best in the league right now. And not too old.

For the last two years, Edmonton was really just Hamilton with Ricky Ray.