Which CFL players could return from the XFL

Since CFL players are signing in the XFL. It’s a bit topic. So what does everyone think?

To get the ball rolling here.
I’m going to say Dexter McCoil.

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I see nobody is biting on this yet. So I’m gonna say Rec Edwards
Rec S.J.
LT Dennis
Non are heading back to the NFL at this point of their careers.
But I’m positive at some point at the latest the week after that first 6 week 3rd of the season. They will be back.
Who wouldn’t need an ALL Star CAL vet Rec, LT, or WillLB

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On a bit of connected side bar on this Topic.
American OT Justin Renfrow just signed with edm.
Already being thru the pro football ringer.
NFL PRs etc, Alternstive FXFL team.
In 2017 he settled in the CFL with th Stamps. Breakout year in BC last year. And now an esk.
I would venture to guess that Milanovich massive Network of connections played a huge part

I got nothing there Dean Steve. I am going to say a bunch. Hopefully. /Hears Echo In Room

If anyone has been watching closely like I have been. Dexter McCoil is balling out !
For his St Louis team.
They have that kid Robinson from West Virginia Robinson playing Free Safety.
So they are able to move McCool around on defense making plays. He also is on coverage teams making tackles.
You here his name a lot doing these things. Unless you follow the CFL he is just another dude. But we know better.
Who in the CFL needs a will LB that by the end of the XFL who already has gone thru a live TC games. And that will finish up making 50K already.

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