Which CFL franchise is most able to be terrible still draw?

Which CFL team would you say is most capable of being terrible on the field but still drawing fans, selling merchandise, truning profits and flourishing as a franchise and business? I'm thinking of like the Chicago Cubs. They have been absolutely bad forever. But they still sell out all the time and are extremely popular.

The Ticats have been the recent version the CFL's doormat and they are starting to show signs of the fans seriosuly reacting to their terribleness. But they have stayed on board for a long time and have been surprisingly loyal.

Which CFL team would be most capable of weathering this storm and perhaps which would be the least capable?

Riders have been average for as long as I can remember, this is the first good team in years yet they seem to get great crowds out.

The worst I would say is Montreal because ticket prices are so high that no one would pay $120 to see a less than average CFL team

I’ll not include Toronto because they have so many people to draw from that they’ll get crouds irregardless of how well they do

Didnt TO almost go broke a few seasons ago from not enough ppl?

Edmonton seems to have faithful fans.

There's no real way to guage this type of thing. Edmonton always draws the best attendance wise, but they made the playoffs 34 or 35 years in a row prior to last year, they've not had a period of awful teams to really test how faithful they are.

Toronto and BC both jumped ship in a big way a few years back when they had bad teams so that tells you something.

I'd have to give it to Calgary honestly, the teams they had to sit through prior to the ownership they have now were just awful and they still average over 30,000 per game. Honorable mentions to the Bob Young era Ticats and the Riders.

...yeah, I'd have to say Edmonton too, last year they were playing some awful ball and still drew 40,000 fans per game...

...I'd like to think that would still be the case even after two or three seasons of crappy fball in the Chuk....hopefully we'll get to see if it's true :smiley: ....

Hamilton and Saskatchewan fans are the most loyal. NO question. As to which of these two groups of fans are the best - it is a coin toss.
Riders and Ti-Cats Rule

I'm surprised Halmiton gets any fans to a game. What is their record in the past 10 years? Saskatchewan has had awesome teams in comparision

Hamilton? Hardly. Ti-Cat attendance has historically dipped with the team’s record.

The question is which team can be terrible and draw. Hamilton does not. When their teams are terrible, so is their attendance.

1991 (3-13): 13,834
1997 (2-16): 13,613
2003 (1-17): 14,863

I’m not anti-Hamilton; far from it. But I’ve been fed the “support your team no matter what” line too often to let this misconception slide.

I know someone here isn’t impressed by Saskatchewan’s attendance, but I don’t agree. Their attendance is steady enough win or lose. Same with Calgary and Winnipeg. Hamilton doesn’t even enter the discussion with numbers like the above.

Saskatchewan, Hamilton & Ottawa. Consistently pretty crummy teams over the past 30 years, with a couple of flings of respectibility thrown in. Fans in those cities must be commended for continuing to support their teams through thin...and thinner. Fan support hit the dumper in Ottawa and Hamilton a while back, but the Ti-Cats have rebounded over the past 3 seasons, although have faltered a bit this year. We all know that 20,000 fans will come out in Ottawa regardless how lousy their team is. Ditto Sask. They have been avg 25,000 fans recently, but have had a decent team.

I'd say the Riders for sure. Ticat fans are too fickle. Its like every god damn week we here about a "Boycott".