Which CFL coach is on the shortest leash?


Anyway, they got this new kid at WR....Ferdinand? Ferguson? Fernandez? I dunno. Those who think they know say he may turn into something. I mean, no John Konihowski or anything like that, but still.....

Where's Cory Philpot...?

About 15 years old, according to our story.....

I guess I am confused by the rules of this game....?

I thought we were just throwing out random coaches and players to be purposefully anachronistic....?
Although Fernandez and Philpot did play together one year....

Would you prefer a reference to Musso or Moorhead?
Eagle Keys thinks they're gonna be great!!

Wally Buono has to go. I mean the poor guy can even see (squints all the time!) how does he know who is ahead in the game???
And c'mon, Wally is not a head coaches name!!

Riders Rule
Leos Drool!!!!!!!!!!!

Well we could always trade Molly McGee to the Leos...

I loved Molly McGee. I waw a running back slut in my youth. McGee, Mike Strickland, Mike Saunders....loved all those guys.

I didnt mind Strickland or Saunders, or even Tim McCray.. I guess McGee had big shoes to fill after Reed retired..

Well, I was a little kid, and he played running back in a green jersey...it could have been anyone for me at that point and I'd have felt the same.....