Which CFL coach is on the shortest leash?

For me it's Higgins.

Buono, Austin and Berry are all safe. Pinner's a fixture in TO, and unless he's whacking his QB's while they sleep, their plight really isn't his fault.

But of the rest? I gotta think the Tabbies are progressing under Taffe, and Popp holds every position in the organization.

But the Labour Day home and home will be a test for both Higgins and Danny M. Higgins will need at least a split to save his job, I'd say. If he loses both ends of that, they'll be ready to blow it all up in Cowtown and start over.

Danny Macccccciocccccca will likely get the benefit of a full year, since it was an acknowledged rebuilding time in Edmonton, but if they lose both the Labour Day games, they're really only a crossover team at best, and if Bishop and TO come on strong, a 2nd straight year of no playoffs won't sit easy with the locals. How do you keep a coach who's taken perrenial Western finalists into also-ran status in 2 years, and doesn't seem to think there's a big problem? The Eskimo mystique would suffer a huge blow.

But, as I said at the outset, Higgins is closest to the cliff.

Hmm. Tough. I'm honestly wondering what'll happen with Danny. After winning the Grey Cup, his team fell to 7-11. Not a completely collapse, but still pretty bad. And this year isn't looking much better.

We're 3-3-1 right now. I honestly think we'll drop next week's game, and if we split the Labour Day games, we'll be 4-5-1. Not exactly a great record.

I'd say Machocia, then Higgins. Taffe gets a year or two to rebuild.

...the interesting thing about Tom and Danny is that they have fall-back positions within their respective organizations as Directors of Football Operations and each has at least one 'Associate' Head Coach under them....it would be relatively easy for each of them to step aside with honour and allow an up and coming HC to take over the reins, while not even leaving the team....

Agree completely with Taffe. The reason I put Higgins ahead of Danny are twofold:

  1. Expetations in Calgary were WAAAAY higher going into the season. Edmonton is about where expected at .500.

  2. Calgary has a GM that, according to speculation, would love to step back on to the sidelines as coach. Although if Edmonton continues to struggle, I wouldn't be surprised if Chapdelaine is the new HC next year. He and Richie Hall are probably the next 2 in line....

The only coaches that could be fired are Austin, Berry & Taaffe. All the rest would just step aside into their other roles in the organizations, with replacements being named.

However, Pinball has already said he won't be back behind the bench next year. If the Argos can't stop the bleeding before it's too late to save the season, maybe Pinner goes a little sooner than expected to give the new man a head start on next year.

It would not surprise me to see all 8 back next yr. Although, I can see Pinball giving it up as he never really wanted to do it in the first place and probable is agreeing to do it as long as the results are good for the argos. As soon as he feels it isnt working, I can see him saying, time for someone else.

Taaffe isn't even on the radar as far as a coaching change is concerned. The Cats, despite their record, are a far better team than they were last season, and everyone knows this is a rebuilding year.

I think Maccioca's days are numbered. People in Edmonton are already ticked at missing the playoffs last year, and I think nothing short of a Grey Cup appearance will save his job; and that's a mighty tall order with B.C. and Saskatchewan in their division. Even if they cross over, I don't think they'll get past Winnipeg and Montreal.

Danny better be polishing up his resume.

The most certain thing in sports is that no coach's job is certain. Anyone who says they expected the Jersey Devils to fire their coach with 3 games left, I simply won't believe.

That said, I can see some movement in the off-season, but no real likelihood of any mid-season firings.
Pinball might resign, but I can't see him getting fired.
And if Calgary went into the dumpster and lost several games in a row, he is in jeopardy. If they miss the play-offs, he is likely gone.
I actually think Maciocia is reasonably safe.
As I have told a few 'Smoe fans, and they hate it when I say this, Edmonton was a lousy team last year and 7-11 flattered them.
I think they might be a better team this year, but 7-11 is still where they'll be.
But that franchise has undergone a complete make-over and expecting to make the play-offs is an unreasonable standard for the coaching staff.
But barring any team going 0-11 the rest of the way, I think the other 5 guys are all as untouchable as a coach can be.

I think Danny Barrett might be on the hotseat.

If this were last year, I'd agree with you.

Why, I think he's doing OK this year with the Riders. Looking like they might host a playoff game.

uh huh......

I think he is pretty safe with the Bulls....

I dunno. Vic Rapp's got your Lions playing decent ball too.

You think he needs a Grey Cup appearance to keep his job? Damn. You’re tougher than me. :lol: I’d say he’d need to at least make the playoffs and possibly a Conference Finals appearance. Who knows, though.

I thought Maccioca has a 3 year contract. Not sure how stuff like this in the CFL works tho, so does it matter?

Essentially, all a 3 year deal means is they have to pay him even though they fire him.
The exact terms depend on the contract, eg., there could be a buy out clause for half the term, etc.
But there is nothing preventing him from being fired.

Vic Rapp?? I thought Larry Kuharich was the Lions’ coach this year.

Ok, Thanks.