Which CFL city to watch a game in person is the best?

I never attended a live CFL nor NFL game for that matter and was wondering which city or stadium is the best to watch one?
I'm hoping to attend in the next few years.A Grey Cup game would be sweet! :rockin: Why is it the Canadians come up with the best sports trophies-Grey Cup and the Stanley Cup(which my Carolina Hurricanes claimed in 2006!! :thup: )Haven't seen a picture of the Vanier Cup but I am sure it looks as nice as the other two.
We Americans could learn a thing or two about about some trophies!
Keep 'em flying! :cowboy:
Sammie Bullock

P.S. One favor though- for the love of God please take Celine Dion back!

Venue wise easily Commonwealth stadium in Edmonton, and the atmosphere is pretty decent if they're playing Calgary or Saskatchewan as well. If you want to be real close to the action probably Ivor Wynne in Hamilton. If you want to be far from the action, but not risk weather ruining it then go to Vancouver or Toronto as they both play in domes, although Toronto will occasionally have the roof open.

High on the south side of Frank Clair Statdium was awesome. A beautiful view of Ottawa and close enough to the field to feel close to the action! :cowboy:

Taylor field in Regina is huge on atmosphere, if you were only able to attend one game and region wasn't an issue, I would say in alphbetical order, Edmonton, Hamilton or, Regina.

Note this is coming from a Calgary Season ticket holder, not that I have anything against going to games in Calgary, it's just that I love a road trip, even if it is just 3 hours north.

Having never been to a game west of Hamilton I would say Hamilton with Montreal
being a close second.
Of all the cities where I'd most like to see a game? Without a doubt it would be Regina.

I haven't been to all the stadiums but all the ones I have been to in both Canada and the U.S. Hamilton is hands down the best. If they could somehow bottle the atmosphere at that place and use it in a new stadium it would be awesome.

Have only been to games in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Edmonton by fay the best place to watch. BC Place is a sterile environment, and McMahon is a relic of the stone age.

to actually just watch the game, Edmonton is good.

atmosphere isn't so hot.. the crowd is not exactly the most craziest.. most of the time the PA announcer has to yell and encourage the crowd to make noise all the time!

Hamilton's atmosphere is amazing. The crowd has two faces. During the game we're a bunch of loud, enthusiastic fans that severely heckle the other teams and their fans, but once the games all said and done, we talk to the other fans, shake their hands and chit chat with em. It's nice :slight_smile:

In the East, Hamilton is great in that one's seat is close to the game. Molson Stadium in Montreal is superb- again one is very close to the game. The only negative here is the small size which is presently due to be changed with addition of 4000 seats. Molson stadium is exceptional with respect to its distance to down town Montreal- a 15 minute walk from the stadium and one reaches St Catharines Street , and Crescent Street which is alive with great bars, taverns and Ben's smoked meat restaurant etc etc . If a few guys go to the stadium Montreal,s downtown is the place to have after game discussions. When TSN broadcasts the Als games they frequently televise shots of its downtown location. Finally, there is great transportation to various areas of the city via the subway which is connected to bus transportation to the more outlining ares of Montreal. Most fans leave their car at home and use the subway for the journey.

With respect to the worst places to watch a game, the Olympic Stadium is one of the worst places to view a game due to it's vast round size. Many of the seats are not close to the game and, it does not have the great atmosphere of Molson stadium. However, because of its size, this stadium is a great place to house the Grey Cup games. It will accomodate 60,000 plus and can be reached by the subway and other transportation. It now has a permanent roof and, fans are assured they will have great weather condidions.
Because of this I believe the Grey Cup games should be restricted to roofed stadiums. I can recall a game In Calgary where the weather conditions were ghastly and, were the main factor in an Als loss. In " warm " southern Ontario I can recall another GC game in Hamilton that was held in a snow storm, blinding, freezing, windy conditions where scrapers were required to continually shovel snow away from the yard markers.

To conclude, Montreal has the best stadium for football and, one of the three best stadiums for the Grey Cup game. Vive Montreal.

Isn't it kind of hard to get a smoked meat sandwich at Ben's these days? :wink:

If it is simply a question of fan atmosphere for a game, as in enthusiasm then Rider fans take the title. As for stadium, Commonwealth is probably tops. For the atmosphere of the game in terms of setting of the stadium, all stadiums downtown are great with Montreal probably being the best of that group.

I thought Dunn's was the place to go in Montréal for smoked meat and cheesecake, but I haven't been there in years.

I was at the Snowbowl Played in Hamilton IT was one of the greatest games ever played and a ALL CANADIAN Grey CUp, SO sorry but your comments are out of touch with Canadian football, IMHO

I think all the stadiums are good to watch a CFL game because the game itself is exciting and entertaining, for me being at the 94 cup in B.C was awsome , but no place is more intimate than Ivor Wynn and i hope they make a carbone copy of her except bigger when they build the TiCats new home. Cheers :rockin:

sorry big bear you can keep Celine Dion and while we're at it you can take Nickelback and the Toronto Maple Leafs as well, welcome to the CFL the best league in the world

This should give new fans a good idea, what the best place is to watch a game.
This weeks Labour Day classic in Regina and Calgary both sold out. Regina sold out in like 2 hours or something like that. The return match next week in Winnipeg( Banjo Bowl ) sold out yesterday.
Hamilton is not sold out and have the smallest stadium of the 3 teams . I thought for sure with Hamilton playing well,it would have been sold out weeks ago. What's up Hamilton ?

    I have been to all 3, the Edm CGY game is hate and there is no friendly banter back and forth.But always sold out and great atmosphere. The SK WPG is a more of a Grey Cup feel to it, as there events planned,5 or 10 thousand Winnipeg fans go out on FRI or SAT and make a weekend of it. Plus a huge party across from mosiac 2 or 3 hours before hand. The Bars are full of R.Rider and Bomber jersey's ,if you can't make Grey Cup the weekend in Regina for Labour Day is a pretty close 2nd.  This should sum it up, SK sold out Labour Day in 2 hours!  They need to add extra seats for Labour day ?

Labour day for the cats will be sold out by monday, made official a few days ago. People are scrambling to get tickets, some will be forced to watch it at home.

BC Place is huge so it normally isnt that great when the attendance is 50% capacity but during the playoffs, that place sounds amazing. 55000 people making noise in a dome is a beautiful thing.

But once every 10 years doesn't cut it. In the early 80's it was a zoo. Need to get back to that on a consistaint basis.