Which CFL City is the BEST to LIVE IN???????????????????????


Which CFL City is the best to live in and give one reason why!!!

My picks would be:

  1. Regina - Wascana Park
  2. Vancouver- Stanley Park
  3. Montreal - French - Canadian women
  4. Hamilton - CFL Hall of Fame
  5. Calgary - more chinooks than Edmonton
  6. Edmonton - better than Winnipeg or Toronto
  7. Winterpeg - Perogies and winter
  8. Toronto - navel gazing capital of Canada
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Oh year Ottawa would be after Montreal should they get back into the league. ( Skating on the Rideau Canal would be cool!!!)

I've been to Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, and Montreal.

Edmonton would be a great city because of the Eskimos and Oilers... but from what I saw it looked a little dumpy. :lol: Calgary just isn't for me. I hate Toronto because it's so crazy. And Montreal was fun. A lotta booze, and a lotta fine French women. :stuck_out_tongue:

Montreal would get my vote.

Women in Quebec are divine.

Regina - That way i don't have to move anywhere and find a reason why i like the city.

Sadly in Regina there is goose sh!t all over the park…

It’s a toss-up between Winnipeg, Hamilton and Regina.

I’d have to go with Regina.

Hahahaha. Are you seriously putting Regina first on that list? That's sad. Every city has a park, son, and I'm pretty sure Stanley Park beats out Wascana. Regina is just a much lamer version of Winnipeg.
That said, Montreal and Vancouver are probably top two.

Every city is great in it's own way. I've been to every city except for Regina but I've heard great things about it.

Out of the cities I've been to and lived in, I'd have to say Vancouver is the nicest and most scenic. I also really enjoyed Toronto and Calgary, but I couldn't handle the weather there. Ditto with Montreal.

If I had to live in Saskatchewan, I would rather live in Saskatoon than Regina I think, though I haven't been to either city in many years. Generally though, I like my cities a little bigger than smaller. That's just me.

Women everywhere are divine. It doesn't really matter where it is. Alberta, however, has more men than women, so for schlemiels like me, Alberta probably isn't a good choice.

Vancouver is freakin' gorgeous and the weather is good, all things considered. So I would probably end up there.

Winnipeg is a bit of an enigma to me as I've never spent much time there, though The Guess Who are one of my favourite bands of all time so it can't be that bad!

Toronto is great with tonnes of stuff to do, but I'm not particularly fond of the politics in Ontario. Can't see myself living there ever again, even though I had a great ten years in Hogtown.

Hamilton is OK, and I love Ivor Wynne stadium. Too bad it's in Ontario.

Montreal is party central. I love it to death but I need to make a living too so I probably wouldn't spend much time there because my French is horrible. I used to have a Québecoise girl friend — I've never ever gotten over her :wink:

You all know my views on Vancouver. Toronto is great. Montreal is supposed to be great. I really like bread so Regina is great. Calgary is great. Edmonton is great. Hamilton is great. Winnipeg is great. Canada is great.

An 8 way tie for first place. How Canadian of you! lol :roll: :roll:

Thanks Lar!

I am from Winnipeg and Winnipeg is in last place on the places that I want to live in.

Larry, I think thats the first time I've laughed at something you said lol

All cities have their pluses and minuses. I've been to 7 of 9 CFL cities (still including Ottawa). The only 2 I haven't been to have been Edmonton and Regina. I would like to live in any of them, but if I HAD to choose, I would say Hamilton. Call me a homer (d'oh).

I don't know. There's something about the women in Montreal. Maybe it's the accent. :slight_smile:

Or the fact that they're hairy and smoke? :wink:

I kept the personal views to myself and did an 8-way tie. If you want the real views, I'm keeping them to myself for the welfare of the forums.

Mine are as follows, admitting the consideration that I do live in Regina and enjoy it solely because of the Riders:


I cant wait to see my first game at Percival Molson Stadium in MTL, looks like a blast. However, this is purely a relfection of the cities themselves(all areas considered), not where Id most like to see a game. For the record, Ive lived in Calg, Edm., and Regina. I have visited all but Mtl. and Ham.