Which Canadian Players could return to CFL from South of the Border?

Jon Ryan. After a long career in the NFL has returned to CFL to his Home Town Riders.

Brett Boyko BC drafted OLineman in 2015.
Spent 4 seasons in the NFL. Mostly consisting of Futures contracts. Training Camps and Practice Rosters.
2019 decided the AAF was a better option. NOT.
AAF folding up operations in early April.
It wasnt until late may until he signed with BC after Training Camp already opened.
Thrust into the Lions starting line up as RT. After barely playing a game in 4 years. Certainly wasnt ready to play. & its showing

Formers Eskimos First Round Pick in 2013. Spent his first part of his NFL career as a PR player. But did earn his way onto a
couple of seasons on NFL Rosters.
The last couple seasons Futures Rosters only.
Before also took a shot at the AAF.
Currently DLineman Charles is an unsiggned FA.

Brett Jones C/OG is an interesting one. Injury in his First NFL season in 2015 injury kept him out for the season.
2016-17. Was a back up interior lineman. Although he did start 13 games for Giants in 2017.
Started 2018 season as Vikings starting Center but after 3 games lost his starting job.
FA again after 2018 season.
Didnt sign with the Vikings till April 1 , 2019.
Jones holds CFL FA status

Alex Singleton spent 2015 bouncing around the NFL. At only 25 years old he is back.
I dont see Singleton returning to the Cfl this year. He fits into the NFL specialty defensive packages as well as a top special teams player.

Brett Jones as well i dont see returning. Oline Depth is important in Football.
He has proven he can start and be a backup ready to start.

Ive been trying to find info like this on the media outlets. Nothing! At all. Barely.
Please contribute. Its something I find intetesting and important to follow

All that top training and NFL-level talent, so it makes one wonder what the heck is going on off the field or perhaps lack of actual game speed experience is his undoing.

Can he emerge with more hard knocks experience, or will they slide him to right guard if he still has also the agility for it to pull effectively on run plays?

Starting for those 2017 Giants on the line is saying something and not. I’m surprised the 2018 Vikings signed him after the Giants cut him with their first of two successive roster overhauls. He looks to be a prize and would be wise to make the transition I would think. His best case in the NFL would be likely backup lineman with sparse game experience and he’s ageing faster I would think with that injury history and wear.

You still in PA and Greater Philly? I moved back in 2016 and back to Bucks County near the city last year. I’m back working with my prior employer when I was on here back in early 2010 after joining the forum too.

I put some data in an old AAF thread. The talent contributions from that league were sparse and I think all but one of about five who showed up in CFL camps were former CFLers and/or Canadian.

There just are not many good pro football players, though a great number of solid athletes, of those who can’t make CFL rosters including for practice rosters.

That’s the biggest reason the XFL and AAF failed and why XFL 2.0 and other wannabes will fail in my view.

Johnny Nacho is now forever their patron saint too and joins He Hate Me who went onto NFL success.

And I’m loving it!

Back when I lived in Washington, used to be a big Jon Ryan fan when he was punting for the Seahawks. Classy guy with a sense of humor.

I miss Alex Singleton. Not just his tremendous defensive play, but his upbeat spirit. After nearly every play, you could see that smile through the facemask, as if he truly loved this game. And his great personality off the field was a real inspiration, including his connection to his sister (who has Downs Syndrome). The game needs more people like him. Heck, the WORLD needs more people like him.

Issue for him now may be that he is (I believe) now at full veteran salary … that is $410K more than a rookie and $335K more than a second year player … NFL teams can sometimes be very harsh when assessing backups in the context of salaries.

Excellent post.

This is biggest reason and most overlooked by fans, even when the talent and ability are marginally lower, that most experienced NFL players who have made several game day rosters are done after three seasons - ditto some CFL special teamers and running backs but there’s more with the ratio considerations of course.

After three seasons either the fine player, other than kickers and the long snapper, either has the “IT” factor to be at least a top second teamer for his position, beyond special teams abilities after some harsh wear and tear on them, or he can be replaced with many a talented rookie including younger and fresher free agents.

The justification often pandered in homer media without much discussion is often along the lines of any given low draft picks’ or rookies’ “surprising potential” in camp and the like.

It’s most often about the salary cap and money more than on the field.

Occasionally being a locker room favourite helps such veteran players too or at least lands them on another team since coaches move too.

True that! Thats exactly how the NFL operates. Even at the lowest level from that original rookie salary to the next step. Up. & the next step. After players hit the next # of years bump to mandatory min. They cut ya loose.
The CFL at a MUCH lower pay scale do it over 20K.

Diontae Spencer, please come home from Pittsburgh.

So here’s an interesting situation with the New York Giants that should have some ripple effect perhaps also with receivers with CFL experience who are in NFL camps working to make their teams.

The Giants have their three starters at receiver out for early season already.

Left are four receivers, one free agent rookie and three veteran receivers who were primarily on special teams but good enough to have been and be WR4 and down on the Giants.

As discussed below, these are examples of special teams guys with enough skills and talent to earn that extra veteran money at a position and not be cut for cap reasons like most after three seasons or less.

So what happens now? Usually at least one trade is involved or a team in such a situation picks up a seasoned veteran, usually a WR2 or WR3, who is cut for cap reasons later in his career so as to fill some of the void reliably with Eli Manning as opposed to going for risky broke with a substantially new offense with a rookie QB.

And then the race is on for the rest of the receivers striving to make all the WR4 or lower spots.

Perhaps some other team is in a similar bind as the Giants at receiver?

Watch the dominos fall in a month for final cuts and signings after cuts at especially the receiver position.

This is well done!

Wow what a list. And I read that the Giants picked up NFL veteran TJ Jones from Detroit for help at receiver, not knowing he’s from Winnipeg, so he’s not playing in the CFL and had expressed no interest.

I had no idea there were so many NFL players with connections to Canada or the CFL.

Let’s see how many return to the CFL.

Many of these are not coming back though including due to age.

I keep hoping to see Jon Ryan doing some placekicking as well as punting.