Which Bomber QB is the most pathetic???

Tonight showed how incompetent all 3 Bomber QBs are. Against what is supposed to an inexperienced defense, the Bombers managed 11 points, 7 of which were aided by numerous penalties.

It got so bad, I turned off the TV late in the 3rd quarter and tuned in at end.

The other CFL teams have figured out how to stop our front 4 and exploit our secondary.
Without a decent QB, we could go 1-17.

Is there an "all equally pathetic" option?

Let’s just say there is no wrong answer to this question.

One can’t hit the broad side of a barn.
Another throws like a girl and can’t hold onto the ball.
The last one is a gimp who is one hit away from becoming a vegetable.

They’re all losers.

I disagree... if you put any of them on the Stamps or the Riders (teams with good o-lines, good RB's, good coaching and good receivers) Buck, Goltz and Max Hall would all look pretty good.

These 3 QB's aren't the problem, the problem is the Blue Bombers organization

It’s hard to gauge any of them really,the coaching is pathetic,Burke looked bored and put out that he had to be there at all on the sidelines,no emotion,like a deer caught in the headlights.You can see the trickle down effect it has on the players,most of them were all staring blankly and looking around hoping for some guidance.I 100% agree its the B.B.'s organization…or shall I say lack of organization!!! Winnipeg fans deserve way better than the crap that’s been going on in the Peg this season.Beautiful new stadium and a three stooges mentality for a managment team and coaching staff. :oops: :thdn:

The biggest problem is the front offsensive line and the play calling. No QB in the CFL can play good behind this line and the play calling.

I agree. The fact that they named Goltz the starter for the remainder of the season only 3 weeks ago, then turn around and start Max Hall this game just shows the lights arent on in Winnipeg. That’s a type of move that lowers the morale in the locker room and ultimately leads to a showing like the one you saw this evening. This team has had issues before the season even started.

But I thought the Bombers were going to win the cup because clearly the only reason they ever lose is because they play bad. Never that the opponent out played them :roll:

First!! Hamilton is a very good team lets not forget. Loaded with talent. My pick for east Grey Cup Team'
You just can't continue to bring in new coaches each year. That's 8 QBs in less then 2 1/2 years.
You need stability.

injuries excluded, buck was good, but fell short of greatness

Goltz will never be that good.

OTOH, hall shoes potential and its dumb to write him off after his first game.

I thought both elliot and brinks were better than goltz

Pierce no doubt. Cant finish a season

Am I the only one who watched this game tonight? Seeing how badly Hall was fluttering in even the most basic 25yd throws should have been enough evidence to anyone that he has no arm strength. And on top of that, he has absolutely ZERO scrambling ability.

What I thought was so funnny was in the first quarter they said he throws a ball like Ricky Ray

Watching halls lack of arm Strength made me honesty wonder how he got to the college level let alone pro

No QB coach. A bad OC with lame play calling. Problems on the O-Line. Changing QBs like Taylor Swift changes shoes.

Oh yeah, the problem is just at QB. Keep the carousel spinning and eventually someone will turn up who will magically beat the odds and single handidly win the Grey Cup! :roll:

I agree it’s a combination of variables, so I can’t be too quick to condemn Goltz or Hall. What did rub me was Hall’s attitude. He was showing far too much ego out there, at least for a rookie.

In what way? :?

When plays weren’t going his way, he wasn’t hiding his disappointment. So much so, It looked like whining. If I was playing my first game, I’d try to at least look humble.

What I found interesting was Halls seemingly lack of arm strength. Almost like he was throwing a beach ball.
Plays were made, perhaps more than in other games, but almost every time he threw we were thinking Pick.

The worst of it for me were the awful plays called for Goltz in the short yardage.

I voted for Buck... if he wasn't made of glass Winnipeg wouldn't be in such a mess at the QB spot. They need to pick a guy and go with him... and not for just 2 games.