Which back-upq.b. will be the best starting q.b. in future?


Which of the back-up qb's from last year would make the best starting quarterback if you were a GM and could pick one to build your team around???

There are some good ones out there such as Jarius Jackson,sPERGON Wynn, Buck Pierce, Rocky Butler , Marcus Crandall, Toronto's back-up, Pretty boys in Montreal back from the the NFL / The Bachelor, Danny McManus,
Casey Printers??, Doug Flutie??, Jeff Garcia?,

Of the above, I like Jackson, Printers, Garcia. :rockin:

I would honestly take Pierce to start at QB. I would find a back-up with experience should any of kind of situation arise, so if you want to be realistic- Printers will be in KC, Garcia will be with the Eagles for another year, so I would probably go with Crandell. Jesse Palmer is an unkonwn quantity, really. You might take him just so he can learn the CFL game and see how he actually does, if he impresses in pratice then maybe you give him some game action in a blowout game- and see how he performs. It would be a huge gamble to have him, so you should have another QB around in case the Palmer experiment fails.

Doug Flutie....NFL wannabe?? How do you call someone who played 5+ yrs and made it to the probowl a wannabe?? Ya got rocks in yer head or what???

I take buck in a heartbeat as far as present day backups go. Danny is history. Garcia is not coming back. Printers ego will not be able to handle NFL failure. He would not be the same if and when he returns, at least not the first yr or two. Flutie isnt even close to being in the picture.

Id want Buck or Casey Printers.

I'd take Buck Pierce. As FYB said Printers has a bit of an ego.

How do figure that Printers , Flutie and Garcia are last years back-ups ?
Out of last years back-ups , which none of the above are, I would pick Pierce hands down.

Buck Pierce without a doubt...