Which Assistants may stay?

I think Charlie will want Jeff Beamer

to come back as the O-line Coach,

and I would really like to see

Mike Nelson back as the D-line coach.

This team was lost when it came to pass blocking so why would they want Beamer back? There are zero coaches I want back, including Charlie.

Dave Easley (Special Teams)...the coverage teams were markedly better than the Erdman days and Setta's progress was fantastic. Easley is also a capable defensive coach who may be useful for a new DC, if he himself doesn't get promoted to that post.

The rest? Nada.

Oski Wee Wee,

Setta is a great player because he is a great player, not because Easley was the coach.

Easley’s nonexistent blocking schemes resulted in us getting virtually zero punt and kick return yards all year long. Therefore he should be gone, along with all other assistant coaches from last year.

The new DC and OC should pick their own people, provided that those people all have CFL coaching experience, and none of them are named Erdman or Baressi.

Not going to argue the point re lack of return yardage in general, except to say that the special teams coach has more impact in the coverage area than in the return area because of opposition kick placement, talent level of the returners involved, etc.

Setta IS a great young kicker.

Can we improve? Obviously. Particularly now if Armstead can have a full camp returning kicks AND punts. If there is a better special terms coordinator candidate for Charlie to pursue, so be it. As it is, Easley does have a lot of CFL coaching experience in the tank.

Oski Wee Wee,

There are three phases to the game: offence, defence and special teams. Great special teams coaches like Marcello Simmons creeate units that are constant threats to score and turn the tide in the game. Easley failed miserably at this, and therefore should not be retained, despite your arguments.

TWO WORDS: NO BLOCKING. That alone should get Easley fired. How many times did Armstead or Holmes get tackled 5 yards after they caught a punt?

My major complaint about out special teams play last year was all the penalties. When punting we took way too many no yards penealties, and don't even get me started on all the holding and blocking from behind penalties on our returns.

I don’t want any of the coachesback including the one who thought they had any chance of learning the game on the fly. All of them have no insight into the Canadian game and it wouldtake 5 more years for them to be competent. Another 5 year plan?

Not all of them have no CFL experience, catsconvert.

The facts are right here on ticats.ca.

Pretty impressive, too.

I have provided a link. Just click on their names.

Greg Butler

Dave Easley

I agree with Oski. Special Teams were much better than previous years. This team needs some continuity, so of the big 3 coordinator, lets keep the only one that has some success.

I do think blocking could have been better at times, but it appears that things improved as the year went on. Part of the reason blocking was not great was because of the lack of talent, not just because of coaching. I don't feel that it was the fault of the returners. We have some talent in this area, but it takes good blocking to be able to get good returns on a regular basis. The Argos have shown this for years.

I say we should at least keep Easly, evaluate the assistants closely, but get a new DC, and OC with more experience.


I'll give you Easley for CFL experience but not Butler. Both were lousy coaches reguardless of experience tho basedon results

I am not touting for either one but in Butler`s case,

he may not have had input into decisions
as to who should start in the secondary
or any significant input into game plans.

In Winnipeg in 2006 he did very well.

No. 2 in passing yards against
and no. 3 in rushing yards against
in the whole league that season.

If Obie gives him good players
like he had to work with there,
he might get similar results.