which argo sucks the most

I say number 6. Stupid penalties, far too often out of place, and usually beat one on one. Simply has to go.

They cut Brandon Isaac and kept this guy. Go figure.

You have to understand WHY the Argos cut Issac, and then it will make sense.

It only makes sense if you replace one player with another one who is better. If you think Ball is better than Isaac, well you are entitled to your opinion.

Isaac is far better against a passing play than he would be in a month of Sundays against the run. Steinauer is using him better in Hamilton than the Argos did; he's more of a situational rotation guy in the LB corps, coming on sure passing downs and sitting down on most running plays; Argos had him playing every down, which does not play to his strength.

Ball, on the other hand, is rather average to mediocre in pretty much all situations.