which Alouette cheerleader is your favorate

Hi all i am ner here and I was wondering what cheerleader you all like the best and Why

I like best the girl who sell the cheerleaders calenders in the stands near section B1/C1.

....Amanda........got a weak spot for redheads......

Good for you, there's a classy and witty football loving redhead in these forums...

BTW, I'm pretty certain you love redheads because, as they get older, their hair become red and white... Ahhh Stampeders fans...

Hmmm. . .compliments from rivals? Wonders will never cease. . .Thanks 3/10! :smiley:

Rivals? Our teams aren't really in the same league, are they?... I mean... we did crush you 42-13, and that was while WE were struggling...


I personally like any cheerleader who has a nice bottom to shake and a nice set of breasts But for the sake of the Forum on this years team one of my favs is Edwidge and Guylaine

Hum...Amanda is cute...

I really love Annie L. & Lyne, but Julie M & France gets my votes this year....but my All-Time favorite is Marie-Claude C. a "redhead" from 2 years ago... :slight_smile:

Guys, wasn't there someone here, that his G-friend was one of the cheerleaders in MTL & he had a baby with her, she's not the the squad this year...can't remember who it was....

I know Annie L recently had Twins are you thinking of her?

.........geez, I never thought of that 3/10.......Mrs. RedandWhite is a natural redhead, I'll have to tell her your theory.........

No, not Annie Larouche the head cheerleader...another one, it was on the old CFL board...can't remember...guy told us about the "baby shower" they got from the squad...Man, what would have I given to be there :wink:

do you remember how many seasons ago maybe i can find out

it was before the forum changed here...my SWAG (scientific wild-@$$ guesses :wink:) would be between september & last april...probably february...right before the "NEW" CFL site came up on April 1st.

so are you saying last season or the prior one to that

it was in 2004, end of seaon or during the pre-season prior to this 2005 season !

ok i will see what i can find out thanks

Okay, 3/10 - I've decided to take that ratio true to form and start calling you 30% from now on, since it seems that is the capacity at which your brain is currently functioning. :smiley: Just kidding - geez, you're so touchy - take it easy there buddy. . .

By the way, 30% :smiley: - If you're expecting me to convert to a Stamps fan once I begin to turn from a vibrant red to a more whitish colour, guess again. I might be losing my hair colour, but never my sense of rationality!!!

Good luck this weekend!

If I remember correctly, before Alzheimer starts kicking in, it was DaChef. (but then again I could be wrong).

ALRIGHT, I’M BACK, I JUST FIGURED OUT HOW TO GET A NEW ACCOUNT IN THAT %?!?% SITE. I don’t really enjoy computers… good to see you remembered me, I see a missed a couple of your interesting comment third n ten .

I haven’t missed a game thought and still drinkin’. To get to the topic, well, I got a little girl name Ariane and has for Annie Larouche, she didn’t have twins.