Which all-time records could soon be broken?

Last year saw the end of Anthony Calvillo’s reign as pro football’s all-time leading passer, as NFL quarterback Drew Brees surpassed him with 80,358 yards.

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I think this post was put out a few weeks ago.
I said at the time that I don't agree with comparing the NFL and CFL stats, especially at QB, just too many differences. The 18 game season, the receiver needing only 1 foot in bounds to make a catch, the wider field etc

It has been recognized by the likes of Dan Marino, Warren Moon, Chris Berman among others.

While not an official record but Cavillo's record still quite the accomplishment in my view.

Could have been the first to pass 80,000 yards if it weren't for the fact that he took time away to attend to his wife as he should do and also had some injuries near the end of his career.

Ron Lancaster's astronomical record for most interceptions thrown will probably never be broken — a QB who throws that many would be cut long before he even got close.
It might also take a very long time for Lewis Ward's consecutive field goal record to be broken.