Which AFL team will Maas end up with?

I haven't been around much at all lately but I'm assuming that we haven't had very many Jason Maas threads. I guess I just want to carry on the tradition a little bit longer...


What AFL team will Maas end up with?

I say this because I just don't see him sticking in the CFL. Edmonton, Hamilton and Montreal have all seen his noodle arm.

I don't mean to be blunt but...who cares? That train has left the station.

I guess I'm still just a little bit bitter about the number of games that we lost because of him.

I also thought that it would be a semi-funny thread. Y'know... debating which AFL team he'd run into the ground (or boards - lol). I use the AFL as an example because in my opinion it's the lowest of the low when it comes to football... if you can even call it that.

He not even good Enough for AFL II..

Maybe the AIFA


Mississippi MudCats http://www.mississippimudcats.com/

Wow - Seems like a good league! hahaha

Which makes me ask... any news on this UFL league that Mark Cuban is involved in?

Maas has thrown for 5000 yards in a CFL season as a starter and was a big factor coming off the bench to get the Esks to a GC that they won a few years back. So he ended up playing for a $h*tty Ticats team with a dumb-@$$ offence and now gets scapegoated by some Ticat "fans" - big freakin' deal. An over-rated clown like Timmy Chang couldn't hold Maas's jockstrap but i guess he's still a Ticats future superstar eh? Some expert Ticat fans will probably want to run Printers out of town for his "noodle arm" well before Labor Day next season.

It started already.

TCanuck knows whats up!

Most fans around here don't see the bigger picture so its nice when someone actually understands the game. Most others just look at the standings and no farther.

i wouldn't be surprised if he ends up back in e-town
at a discounted rate but as the esks qb coach and third stringer behind ray and lefors.he would take that deal just to be at home.

city legend

I agree with citylegend. Maas will end up back in the green & gold. I think he will end up slotted in his old spot of backing up Ray and getting him out of trouble now and then, just like before.

I still think a lot of his troubles, other than the arm injury, was being away from his family. It is one thing for an import playing here and missing his family in the states. It is another playing here knowing your family is in a city with a franchise you played for in the league. Has to be tough despite trying to work through it.

The key word being "has".

Hurt and done. 2 words apologists cannot bring themselves to contemplate. Having nibbled at the bait and finding it foul tasting I'll swim away

Injuries can heal. "Done" - and you know this how? - it's not like Maas is an over the hill old-timer; wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised to see Maas win the starting job for the Als with a new open-minded HC there (if Jason is healthy - maybe his passing arm is "done" though), but back with the Esks seems to make sense too, though they have a very promising IMO young back-up in LeFors.


It is kind of a funny thread since we haven't done any better without him.


Let me guess... sigpig. That was too easy.

we have to put the maas era behind us. even though i am a big fan, he didn't cut the mustard. everybody we signed/acquired in 06 is gone, vaughn, ranek, fleming, holmes, maas. it was now 2 regimes ago that this happened. let's move on and hope printers is the real deal this year. my chips and cakes are all ready

Actually, I use "sigh" mostly, and sometimes "yawn". Never capitalized, and, on the odd occasion, followed by "..."

A VERY bad attempt at plagiarism, but one DOES like to be recognized...

The guy played his heart out here and his injury didnt respond and the supporting cast just wasnt there either. I wish him the best of luck wherever he goes and hope he can regain some form he has shown in the past. The idea of just trashing every player that doesnt work out here has never appealed to me and doesnt do a fan much good anyways. I wish him well, he gave all he could and played in a lot of pain at times and for that i thank him even though things didnt turn out the way any of us would have hoped for.