analyzing from how the media is in contrast on how i've analyzed it and by the hints marshall's giving it's looking we could be starting 8 or 9 non-imports to start the season,we are only obligated to start just 7.
up front it shows our great canadian depth which i agree eventually is what builds a championship.it also helps use a more flexible import elsewhere (eg.cox) however are some of our canadian starters "ratio busters"? or are we taking a risk somewhat in a guys like mariuz, shaw and peterson?
what do you think? below are the canadians who i think will start and compared to who i think should start.


how i see it

.... i feel brooks needs to start over auggy at mlb just to see what he can do and it helps balance our ratio the way mariuz has shown he can start.and if i had to choose i like what i've seen from ray in pre-season at olb than what i've seen from auggy

also id like to see bradley if not starting at cb to play somehere,he's a ball hawk and an upgrade over sf shaw, who can still provide as a 5th db. for more physical style at safety then you still got gordon there and i'd like to see cox still start somewhere i thought he was one of our better lb's last season.

If cox were to be moved i think the most reasonable choice would be safety.

however, we only had canadians vying for the position, so think we'll be starting at least 8.... (PS you forgot about Brock Ralph. He may not be starting every game, but he'll definitely be an impact player, and will be ready to take over the "Non-Import receiver spot" especially if peterson struggles at all.)

i agree with Brooks though, if he can play like he did in exhibition, then he's a starter in my books. rotate Auggie with him if need be, (or with Mariuz and Cox/Armour)

i agree espo, id like to see cox or even martin groomed at safety but a lot depends if a guy like kornegay can start at db to fill martin's spot.i'm sorry but i'm just not big on shaw at safety and as far as gordon i hopes he's got more coverage speed than i've seen because if we wanted a pure hitter back there to start then i have to go back to why hitch was replaced by shaw in the 1st place?

brooks has shown too much to be relegated because he's an import. i hope marshall sticks by his word when he said the best player starts regardless of status. toss it all the window because anybody who watched the pre season knows what i mean about brooks. i like auggy a lot but it shouldn't just come down to loyalty, import status or whatever when we need to upgrade a defence that was average at best last season

hitch would be nice at safety but he has shown that he can play LB, as well i disagree, brooks is a good backup or i would like to see him in with auggy. auggy is an future allstar if not one already. it is not a question of import or non b/c we have more than enough canadians starting...

l've liked auggy from the start i've always pulled for him and hoping he can start.
to say he's a future all star i hope too but we'll see. i'll be watchng closer how he handles the big backs against the run. i hope he has progressed from last season in that regard.
how can you say brooks is a good backup? he must get some reps. what does this guy gotta show to win a starting job? he's a bull and could be another barrin simpson. but the only way we'll know is if he at least platoons wth auggy.

I think that the INT stat Brooks has put up is really why most people would rather see him start over Auggie. Keep in mind that both his INTs were on back up QBs... also keep in mind that Auggie played much better against the run last week than he usually does, and I don't recall a back really breaking the middle. Auggie also had a very impressive tackle for a loss... tough call. I still think Auggie is our go-to guy. Brooks has played well, but I think a guy like Auggie is just too valuable to keep out of the game. If you want to start brooks, fine, but move Auggie to the outside. Get him on the bloody field.

i think the best combo could be auggy in the middle and brooks on the weakside, with hitch or mariuz at the other spot. you might need more of a cover guy in for the pass in one of the outside spots.

what about armour? i too like mariuz but opposite armour and rotate brooks with auggy and htch and cox can provide depth.
maybe we’ll see brooksie on some blitz/cover hidden coverages on the outside like we tried to use with cheatwood at times last year.

maybe we need to go a 3-4 D? get them all in at the same time. But you don't want to rotate them...they won't find rythm, Good point w/ Armour. I don't know what they'll do...however i like the play of Barrenechea and he has proven to be a starter and i am sure he will only get better. I guess this is a good situation to be in...so we shouldn't complain.