Which 2 CFL QBs will be playing for the REDBLACKS in 2014?

With that in mind, which 2 QBs do YOU think the Ottawa Redblacks will end up with? There is still some uncertainty as to who will be available on Montreal and Calgary, but I narrowed the list down to 10 possible choices for polling purposes.

Calvillo, A..MTL 115...196..58.7 1322..74....6....3.1..5......2.6..78.7
Glenn, K....CGY 109...159..68.6 1266..45....7....4.4..2.....1.3..101.9
Pierce, B...WPG.78....128..60.9..946..65....2...1.6..6......4.7...69.4
Collaros, Z TOR 72....104..69.2...931..56...5....4.8..2......1.9..105.1
Goltz, J...WPG 68....117..58.1...703..47...2....1.7..5......4.3...63.5
Mitchell, B CGY 51.....72..70.8...675..66...7....9.7..0......0.0.. 132.6
Marsh, T...MTL 34.....61..55.7...671..86...2....3.3..5......8.2.. .71.2
Tate, D....CGY..38.....52..73.1...468..64...5....9.6..1......1.9..124.5
Willy, D....SSK..17.....29..58.6...316..45...3 ...10.3..0.....0.0..130.8
LeFevour, HAM 10.....14...71.4....70..18...1....7.1...0.....0.0..106.3

You're missing Matt Nichols from your list. I believe he will be one of the Redblacks Qb's.

Tate and Willy. They both have the most upside. When healthy Tate can be good if not go with Willy. Win win

I don't know who Matt Nichols is. He wasn't on the CFL passing list.

Who is he, and why would the REDBLACKS be interested in him? Can you give us some background?

Follow the CFL much?

Well of course not; he got injured in pre-season and hasn't played at all, handing the Edmonton job to Reilly.

He was in contention to be Edmonton's starter, than got injured. In limited action last year he looked pretty good.

I can see why the REDBLACKS would be interested in a superstar like that, especially with these 2012 numbers:
Matt Nichols: 48 of 83 for a 57.8 completion %. 884 yds. passing, 7 TDs, 3 INTs. Rating: 107.7

WOW! My bad. How could I forget such a high profile player? Was he the QB that led Edmonton in that epic semi-final against Toronto, where they were crushed 42-26? How could I forget the LIVING LEGEND Matt Nichols?
Surely the REDBLACKS will select him the first chance they get.

My deepest apologies for this glaring omission. If I could insert Matt Nichols into the list, I would do so immediately.
Thanks for the heads-up, Mr. Football. The Ottawa Redblacks thank you. Better tell Matt to pack his bags for Ottawa :lol:

Hey, who called him a living legend? Who called him a superstar? Certainly not I. Nor would I pick him if I was running Ottawa; he looks like he might be another Buck Pierce ~ Drew Tate.

That's exactly my point. I don't miss much, and I've forgotten more about the CFL than you'll ever know. Next time, you spend an hour making the survey with a stats chart and I'll be the trolling jack@$$.

It's going to be a vet and a rookie, and if I'm going for a Vet, I'm not going for Buck Pierce or Anthony Calvillo due to the short lifespan left on them. Heck, AC might be done this season with the concussion. So Kevin Glenn is our Vet through elimination which immediately protects Calgary's other QBs from being poached.

That leaves us with a rookie. LeFevour can run, but his arm and mental game is still in development, Collaros didn't look so hot yesterday (although there will be more games to evaluate him), Goltz doesn't look that promising, Marsh is likely protected and the one with probably the most experience and game seems to be Willy.

If Glenn ends up being protected, it's going to Tate or Bo Levi. Calgary is going to lose a QB this draft.

Perhaps not, but you did miss Nichols.

Oh, you think so? I had always thought that cflisthebest, Area 51, Senior Ah Me, and Gridiron Guru had the biggest egos in here, but I think you may be catching up.

I'd like to think I'd be efficient enough that it wouldn't take an hour. . .

Now what did I say to warrant that? You said you didn't know. . . so I helped you out with the information. That's trolling ??

Desjardins says Ottawa won't draft a free agent. So that seems to rule out Glenn.

I took Willy and Tate, who will likely be available as Calgary could protect Mitchell and resign Glenn (if they give him starter money he'd probably stay).

Obviously you forgot who Matt Nichols is. I would say that since you depend so much on stats charts and not personal observation, you may have forgotten a lot, but you know little.

Since you are convinced that your list and no-one outside of your list will be amongst the 2 Ottawa Qb's, let's take a look at each one.

Calvillo, A..MTL - Possible, since in my opinion one of the two Qb's will be a veteran there is a chance but I think he will be too high a price tag and also is likely to retire after this season.
Glenn, K....CGY - My choice for the mentor role, a likely candidate IMO
Pierce, B...WPG. - Not a chance, too fragile, too much of a medical liability
Collaros, Z TOR - Very possible
Goltz, J...WPG - doubtful, Winnipeg will protect somebody, right now Goltz looks to be the guy
Mitchell, B CGY - Not unless huffnagel has a lobotomy. Calgary will protect Bo Levi
Marsh, T. - Doubt that Mtl will not protect him
Tate, D....CGY.. - Possible but too fragile, see Pierce
Willy, D....SSK..- Possible, no down side and unless something drastic happens Sask. will protect Durant.
LeFevour, HAM - Possible but don't count out Burris retiring.

That leaves Matt Nichols, the knock on him maybe similar to Pierce and Tate but if he remains healthy, he has a big upside.

Sadly all are wrong, Matt Dunigan and Jason Maas are going to come out of retirement and lead the Redblacks.

They could lead the Redblacks. As coaches.

I think you skip over Matt Nichols for the same reason you don't take Drew Tate, the guy's had really bad luck with injuries. If teams have learned anything from Buck Pierce, don't hitch your wagon to a QB who has a history of long term injuries.

No question it will be interesting as to who will be qb'ing the RBlacks next year. :?

I have no idea who will be QB in Ottawa next year. I could guess who they might pick based on talent/experience etc, but throw free agency into the mix and it makes this impossible to predict.

Casey Printers, Tim Tebow, and Jarious Jackson comes out of retirement for 3rd string.