Whew!That was close...


Some times it's better to be a Big Fish in a small pond. Sure he would be making double the money but "what if' they turned around and cut him again? :roll: Besides a championship ring would good on his resume and he has a better chance of that here than down south. :wink:

Good for him for taking it that way. Based on all I have heard from Stevie, I really like the way he thinks. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders and seems to have a maturity that could make him a good leader

Interesting story. Glad we signed him before this happened.

Lots of sore loser Rider fans commenting there.

They "generously" say TiCats should let Baggs out of his contract. I wonder if they would be making those comments if Baggs was with the Riders.

I guess if they can't have him, nobody in the CFL can :roll:

Well, good on him to be here, he could have waited around but chose to sign here. I like his mindset on this.

That's a feel good CFL storyline. I admired Baggs when he played with Saskatchewan. I remember a game, I think against Montreal where this guy was a stand-out. I kept looking to see where Stevie Bagg's was. But, I also remember him trying to upstage (in a joking manner of course) his Saskatchewan counter-part in a media video postings before he signed with the NFL. It still left me feeling a little uncomfortable for John Chick when I watched it.
However, I was very impressed after watching on Ticat TV, with Stevie's reaction to signing with Hamilton. Now, I read about his spiritual maturity. I found that evident in his Ticat TV clip. I'm glad he chose Hamilton and hope he has a long satisfying career here, like many players who chose/settled with Hamilton/CFL over the NFL hype persute.
He might be living just enough for the city of Hamilton and moving in the right direction. Of course, that's with reference to only other soulful Stevie that I know.


God Bless

I just remembered.... the only other Stevie that I know had an affiliation to Hamilton too!! The keyboard that Stevie Wonder used for the recording of "Superstition" was for sale in the early 90's at a music equipment sales store on Parkdale North. Well, at least that's what was included in the price tag presented as I remember. Still wish I had bought it!!!


I also remember Ian Thomas standing at the counter beside me. I didn't clue into it being Ian until I had left the store. So my demo tape of original songs in my car remained in my car and was never promoted. Weird/memorable day indeed.

I have a hard time believing this story but realistically, IMO, even if they signed him, he would probably never see the field...I think Stevie knew that and wanted more...He realized that he had a real opportunity to get that here and signed! Good for him...And us!

From TSN:

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