whew!! almost had a disaster on our hands!

We almost had a disaster, west vs West Grey Cup!.. but the Alouettes did us proud and made it a true Grey Cup!!

Thank God! for reality!

I knew the Esks would never get there..

Are you still trolling... :roll:

get lost.

it's not trolling...

you know it! for media, tv and fans. having two West teams in the Grey Cup would have been bad for everyone!. well except for Edmonton and Calgary/B.C. fans.

you have no idea how bad it would have been for the League to have both teams from the west in the game...

How bad was last year's Grey Cup with the Riders and Bombers... Please. :roll:

It was pretty bad, unless you consider it a remedy for sleep apnea. :slight_smile:

Probably the worst GC performance (by both teams) in a decade or more.

Try to tell that to half of Canada that was cheering for the Riders that it was not a good game.Was one of the best Grey Cups ever because the Riders won Duhhh,

You tell em Chief! I would have watched the Grey Cup regardless of who got in, much like most people did last year when it was essentially an West Grey Cup.

= Half of Canada.

I too am glad that it is an East-West GC, I would have hated it if the Eskies had won.

I thought that was Canada. :smiley:

keep believing half of canada cheers for the riders

I believe he was talking about lasts years Cup. Not in general

yeah but you thought the riders would smoke the lions...you fail

why can't you just shut up?

what does the fact that I chose wrong against the Lions, have anything to do with what I am saying?

of course I'm going to pick the Riders to win! I'm a Roughriders fan.. DUH!!?!?!

but when they're not playing.. I have no bias! no favoritism!

whay cant i shut up? because your predictions (or more like spewing opinion as fact) comes true about as much as a coin toss and you are dripping with hate so I poke you with a stick and giggle. for the record, you didnt know anything

I have been saying for an entire week that Montreal would defeat the Eskimos..

never once changed my mind, never once doubted myself.. stuck with it.

just like last years Grey Cup. I never once thought that the Riders would lose the game.

sometimes you just have these gut feelings that things go a certain way.

my point was some of your other predictions were bunk. Coin called, heads or tails?

Do I need to give the two of you a time out...?

you know what i actually wanted to happen? edmonton beats montreal and then loses in the grey cup. it would be great to see an Edmonton Eskimos banner saying 2008 East Division Champions.

The league has the cross over rules to get the best 6 teams in the playoffs. The best team will emerge.

Could you imagine though Calgary vs Edmonton for the Grey Cup? That would be so awesome!