Wheres your grey cup party at?????

Wow im like a kid at xmas i think its been the longest week of my life. As of wednesday which is usually hump day i didnt know where i was the east final seemed so far away and so did grey cup sunday. But i survived and tommorrow in the cozy confines of my living room the family that means the most to me my bother sis in law 5 nephews neice and my wife and I will gather round tsn in HD with the surrond sound on will eat wings ribs and chilli and cheer the cats on to victory!!!!!
its a great day for me as a uncle ive brought those kids from the tender age of 2 yrs old to cat games and its rubbed off one is boxing in montreal tonite and driving home immediately to be here for the game.
As for my darling wife its been a tuff season on her going from the gentle walk to IWS and being done in early november to drives to guelph trains to T.O> and then listening to me all this week she deserves a medal but its been a great season and tommorrow is the perfect way to end.

Having some freinds and family over for our overdue party. I even have reserved seating for any Rider fans, in the back yard as far from the TV as possible. :lol:

do urself even better and build a manure pile for them

hahha that would feel like home to them.

If you have a manure pile you should go look inside it. There are probably already Riders fans living there.

Intersesting idea, but thats what I was going to serve them. Ticat fans get the beers and pizza inside. :smiley: