Wheres WR Underwood? Anyone know whats up with him?

not sure whats wrong with him.

Nothing is “wrong with him”. He is currently on the 1-game injured list and apparently he is dressing for the upcoming game against the B.C. Lions. When you get inserted into the starting line-up you have to perform, so we’ll see what Underwood has to give after sitting for a couple of games.

His performance so far this year is similar to his career in the NFL. Some good plays, but invisible the rest of the time. I was expecting him to do better up here.

He has only played 2-3 games, and was rarely thrown to. He can't magically for the ball his way.

Maybe look at the reality of a situation first before you go insulting a players ability like that. There are literally endless amounts of American WR's out there available, and Underwood is one of the few they actually want to pay money to. Plus the fact that he was a starter out of camp. You don't earn that by being incapable.

Try to see past the tip of your own nose perhaps.

Over react much. I think my analysis of his 2-3 games is pretty accurate. If he was that good (in the coaches eyes) he would have started ALL of the games. Why wasn't he being thrown to? Like I said, not unlike his time in the NFL.

He was injured the last couple games, and he also played WR in those 2-3 he did play. Have you never watched a CFL game? If you had then surely you would know that SB's see the ball far more.

Based on the new depth chart, they have Underwood at SB, so we shall see how he does there.

I watch every game. He was on the 1 game injury list because they were hiding him on the roster. Go back to bed. Your are far too grumpy this morning

While I agree 100% with the message you are trying to convey, I'll never understand why you have to post like a condescending goof.

I don't get it either. But at least he's been consistent in this regard from Day 1.

Anyone can be a tough guy when hiding behind the veil of internet anonymity.

Plus we never know what happens in practice. If you drop a bunch of passes, chances are that it will be noticed, while someone else who makes a few more will likely be given more opportunities to do so on the field.

Number one rule of the internet is don't feed the trolls. They will die of starvation from the lack of attention. :rockin:

Possibly after playing a few games the coaches wanted him to sit back and observe for a couple. I also think they wanted to see what Collins could do in a game situation.