where's Tillman

Have not seen him on the sidelines this year and no mention of him in the locker room, what is going on here, Is he in hiding? always like his motivational talks, with the team playoffs coming down the road would be nice to see him around.

He is on administrative leave until that issue that we are not allowed to talk about here is finally settled in January of 2010 (hopefully). That basically means that he is not to be in the public eye and that he can do his work at home sitting at his kitchen table and never has to dress in anything more formal than a bath robe or bedroom slippers. Although that does not sound too harsh, it would probably drive most egomaniacs nuts (not saying that he is one of course).

Yes, basically, he is hiding so no one will bother him with annoying questions and distractions.

yeah this has been explained a few times.

thats to bad especially when you have to put your life on hold for over a year :frowning: hope to see him back for sure!

One of my personal disappointments in the matter is how he no longer posts on here (and likely can no longer post on here). I mean, I understand why because he catches enough flack for every trade and budget decision he makes, good or bad, so the added distraction of “hey what about that court case?” from trolls would be just one more nuisance he can do without… especially since it’s a public forum which could quickly get taken out of context and used against him. Still, to even have the opportunity to engage a GM in conversation was a rare treat and one I think will be missed.

And that's exactly what happened. This will probably get deleted, but in all fairness, he made some statements that people twisted and self interpeted into statements they felt was regarding "the incident" after the fact. It's a sad world.......it's liek one big sewing circle.

he's hanging at my place, he says thanks for the support and lets win the cup