Wheres The Trust?

Ok this here is another one about the bomber vs calgary game. bobers start on the calgary 40. push the ball to the 5 with roberts. throw an inclomplete on second downa dn then take a feild goal. Why would berry kick instead of going to a td on 3rd down becuase even if we miss calgary is pinned? why does Berry have no faith in our offence? Taman has given him a great team and he chooses to whimp out everytime they have a chance to show how great they can be.

the trust is gone no faith by the whole coaching staff, and most of all berry.
he must be dealt with, it's not all ways the teams fault and not allways the coaching staffs fault, but this time berry like over the past 3 weeks makes a bad choice, stop the bleeding berry and grow a set of footballs.

I don’t think Taman has done squat, I think we have some players who are not good period. Taman was making a lot of noise after the BC loss about changes he was going to make. Sort of like a fan blowing a lot of hot air and BS. And he was on the phone prior to trade dead line. So what;s happened, nothing. We cannot keep going on and blame the coaches. If the coaches have some poor players they work with what they got. We had Dave Ritchie who is a very good coach. Both Taman and Bauer blamed Ritchie for all the problems. Coach Berry is a very good coach. I think the time has come to tag Taman with these failures. No Grey Cup then Taman must go along with Bauer.

Agreed, as a coach you have to make the decisions that put your team in the best position to win. I have been saying for sometime now that Berry is coaching not to lose instead of trying to win. When you fall into that trap you start to slump, just like we have. Instead of being on the offensive and creating momentum, we are waiting for it to happen, not good.