Where's the Ticat Wear?

I work in Milton so while on my lunch today, I decided to go to the Adidas store at the Outlet Mall to see if there was any of the new Adidas CFL Ticats gear.

I walked into the store and right at the entrance was a whole lot of Argos stuff, nothing at all for the Ticats. I went around the store thinking there might something else. But no Ticats or other CFL teams for that matter.

This location is almost exactly the same distance from downtown Hamilton or Toronto, so why not have both teams? And since the outlet mall is somewhat a tourist stop, there should be items from all the teams, especially since this is the first year of the CFL /Adidas agrement and they would want as much exposure as possible.

This is not the only store in the Milton/Oakville/Cambridge area that sells only Agros stuff. I have found that the Walmart in those areas do not sell Ticats gear, at least that I've seen.

Who decides what to sell? The individual store or has the CFL determined that they only want to push the Argos on the people around the Hamilton area in hopes to build their fan base, while leaving Hamilton fans to go to the store at THF or to buy on line?

If it was me I would have asked to speak to the store manager and ask him or her those questions. He or she would likely be able to give you some insight. Perhaps they know they get mostly Toronto people in that store, or perhaps the Ticat (and other teams) stuff just hadn't arrived as yet?

My suggestion would be the next time you are in the outlet mall you ask for the manager in the Adidas store and ask those questions, and then, let us all know the response you get? I for one would be curious to hear what he or she said.


I live in the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge (Tri-Cities) area most of my life, and around here I've seen equal amounts Ticat and Argo items at stores. Sometimes, I even see Ottawa. However, I have noticed that Ticat stuff sells quicker. :wink: I bought a Ticat shirt at Old Navy, a Ticat jersey for my Cat at a Petsmart, and a Ticat hat at the Beer Store.

So maybe that particular store was out of Ticats stuff, or maybe that store manager is an Argo fan.

I never thought of that while I was there. Good idea. Ill try to get there next week.

In the 90's there was a sportswear store in Centre Mall that had stuff from every single CFL team there. I bought a Ticat parka there, along with many other items.

I never see stores like that anywhere now. How can the CFL be more successful now, but seemingly have less access to swag than the dark days of the 90's.

Maybe because Argos need all the help that they can get to increase their fan base , TiCats have over 1 million fans world wide The Argos dont even have 5k seasons tickets holders lol

Is the OP talking about the "Toronto premium outlets" in Milton?
If so, the name of the outlet might explain the choice in CFL team.

Yes, that is the location I am refering too. I know "Toronto" is in the locations name, but since it is an Adidas outlet between Toronto an Hamilton, I thought there might be items from at least both teams and the rest of the league.

you would think Adidas and the CFL would want to promote the entire line.

I think there is an Adidas outlet in Niagara Falls, does anyone know if any CFL items are there?