Where's the Team ......

Well fans the pre-season is done and gone. So, where's the team. It seems to me the whole organization needs a overhaul. Where are the people and staff that can put a team on the field? Way too many friends & friends of friends working at the opps & business depts. Rather than trying to connect with the commuity, finds players then the community will come out...... Sorry but from the little that I've seen its not working. Kavis is no GM, Shurman I'm not sure. OMG do we need a QB (that's obvious)...the reality is if this continues the AL's will fold :'(...... Major Organizational changes are need from top to bottom. The question is hasn't ownership realized this.

Dear Sir,

According to Andrew Wetenhall, the owners have made everything right and it is now up to the people they hired to be successful.

In other words you are about to get your wish. On average this means the cleanup should begin at some point between game four and game seven, probably while Reed is travelling back from Edmonton.

Best thing would be to do it on the "Fan Plane" and then serve these poor fans champagne and caviar courtesy of Andrew Wetenhall.

The preseason is not about winning games, its about evaluating your teams talent in game situations. The Als are better on paper and on the field than last years group. regimes in other places like Winnipeg and Regina didn't show instant success, they showed "patience",which I realize is not a trait a lot of fans possess. thats both cool and fair, but I gonna try to wait for at least eight or nines games before blowing up the ship we just built. Two or three seasons is what it really takes for anyone new to the league to get a feel for what they're doing. Hopefully Mike Sherman and company will get at least a couple weeks. Patience sports fans... I like where we're headed, obviously we're not there yet, but I like the roster moves. Willy ?... Its time to hit or get off the pot, but thats just me.

They are better on Defense. On ST they are about the same, on offense they are exactly the same minus Olafoyle...