Where's the radio broadcast of the Elks-Argonauts game?

So 630 CHED proudly proclaims itself as the station for tuning into Elks games. The station also promises a ninety minute pre-game show.

So I'm tuned into CHED and there's no game! I take it that CHED sometimes bumps the game to a sister FM station. Not that there's any kind of notice of such. So where's the game?

I've had this last minute runaround previously and I'm fed up with it.


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You are kidding me!? I get the game on Canada Talks via the CHED feed when I am in the car, so I have to wonder what they have on now but am inside at work on the Pirate Sports Network.

See you in the game day thread soon.

I've tuned into 630 CHED Radio live and prior to 7:00 PM EST they were talking about Alberta politics. Now there's some old guy talking about insurance coverage problems!


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I can't find it (and I live in Edmonton.) sorry @Balticfox....

Wow, receivers hanging on to the ball for Cornelius today. 7-10 so far.

Article 2 – Offside Pass in Field of Play
An offside pass shall be ruled as having occurred in the following situations:
(a) On a scrimmage play, a Team A player makes an offside pass after
crossing the line of scrimmage.
(b) On a play, other than from scrimmage (e.g. kick return, kickoff return,
interception return, fumble return, recovery of onside kick or kickoff), a player
makes an offside pass.
(c) In attempting to catch a forward pass, a Team A eligible receiver tips,
deflects, knocks or bats the ball in an offside direction, where it is caught by
another Team A player, who is not eligible as a receiver.
RULING: Ball to team making offside pass, at point of origin of pass (downs
continue unless yards gained at that point, or option).

Plus you are allowed one forward pass per play. Gotta find why the ball was live when the pass was dropped.....its the offside pass rule on a kick. By refusing the penalty it's not an offside pass and on the kick the ball is live.

Can't say I remember seeing that before......

What do you think should happen now to the radio tower?

Oilers pregame (Oilers/Flames) starts at 7pm MDT so no football broadcast.....

Best you can do is go to the CFL home page, go to the banner that shows games, click on the game to go to game centre and then go to the text play by play


I do better of course! I have that on one tab and Pirate Sports Network on the other.

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Ceresna is a beast.....

Edmonton radio broadcast was scheduled to air on CISN 103.9. Their stream is currently geo-blocked, so I cannot verify.

Go North Edmonton Seahawks! Two of my nefew's (one inlaw and my Sisters son) played for them....

Nice! Drag the pile with you across the goal line Kevin Brown....

I was about to say its about time for MBT to throw a int but he doesn't have too....

My Canada Talks station isn’t covering the game. They’re playing the Bilal Vakani show. :man_shrugging:

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But I tried CISN 103.9 just at game time and I got country music!


Well at least I'm getting it now. Thank you.

And the elks manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory....excepting a miracle.

.....and with their special teams play this year it would be more than a miracle.....

....hold on....

TSN focusing on pigeons....


I wonder why TSN 1260 couldn't have the Elks games...