where's the owner

Just looking at all these forms and how discouraged and fed up most seem to be it makes me wonder. Where's the owner. Wouldnt it be in the best interest of the team for him to step and say........something.

Not trying to compare him to a leader of a country but if there are troubled times the people need to know that someone is in charge, analyzing and taking the appropriate steps to correct things. All's quiet on the Hamilton front!

No leadership on or off the field????

He’ll take the blame himself and say that the marketiing people have done a great job now the attention must turn to the on field product, blah blah blah blah.

In fairness, I think he is trying to win, just failing at it.

"How do you think we feel?" is a fair statement that has been made by Bob previously....

We all know how frustrated he feels because we feel it as well.

Do we really need to hear it after every debacle of a home "performance"... :expressionless:

think it would just help if we actually heard from him..i understand he is really just a figure head but might be able to calm this situation..once things like these start to snowball it could take years to recover the fan suuport again!

He's run out of excuses. Even HE can only SPEW those for so long. He probably AND SHOULD feel 100% responsible for this pathetic garbage because he was the one that hired ROB "ZERO FOOTBALL KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE" KATZ, AND MARSHALL!!!!!!!!

It would be advisable for Mr. Young to stay off the posts until the team shows some new official direction. The club needs to form some internal solidarity now and posting prior to adopting this direction would be self defeating.

Hes trying to unload a very bad migraine. Give him a break.

It's that time of year again...for Bob to step in...at QB :lol: