Where's the Offensive Line?

As well as both QBs playing like crap, they were both running for their lives, there was NO OFFENSIVE LINE.

I posted on this the other day. there is some major fundamental problems with our o-line. we are having big mental breakdowns, missed assignments and terrible technique. that can only point to terrible coaching.

8) ..... or terrible players !!!!! :roll:

Tipper even with terrible players you should be able to pre snap read the defence and designate the right guys to block. this was missed numerous times monday. our five for their interior five is a basic concept. bumps and slides are football 101. it would be one thing if the identified the defence and then they werent talented enought to get there or stop them but they are not even moving in the right direction. it was a sobering slap in the face for me. terrible coaching period.

I also have questioned the ability of the O-Line. They are not playing well as a unit. Missing assignments, getting pushed back into the QB and running backs or flat on their asses. Forget about Printers if the team is not going to shore up the O-Line.

The pressure Chang and Maas felt on Monday shouldn't all fall upon the offensive line.
The Argos run a complex defensive scheme with many stunts and blitzes. It is tough for any offensive unit to pick these up. Ours is young and did make some mistakes on Monday. But, the biggest problem was that we had Davis and Radelin in the backfield. The Tiger Cat offensive scheme relys heavily upon the backs to recognize and read the blitzes and stunts and help out. Watch Lumsden and Dickerson - they are excellent at this. They work well with the offensive line and have kept much of the pressure off our QB's this year. With Lumsden going down at the last minute, both backs had to be replaced due to the ratio.

This, was a bigger blow to the QB protection than any poor play on the part of the o-line.

are you saying that jr cant pick up the blitz? lol that may be his strongest asset reading and evaluating a defence. esp with one like t.o. one in which he is familiar with.

He and Davis didn't do a very good job of it on Monday. I think it's mainly because niether have worked enough with the O-line under game conditions and their communication was off.

LOL. watch the tape again. the oline was terrible to blame it on the backs is comical.

Not just with Toronto but every game.

Once the Ticats are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs if not sooner, they should look at giving the young non-import offensive linemen some game reps at the natural positions they played in college:

Cedric Gagne-Marcoux- Centre at UCF for four years
Marwan Hage- Guard at Colorado about 75% of the time during his four year college career
Peter Dyakowski- Tackle at LSU for most of his four year college career

When veteran George Hudson returns, they can either use him at left guard where he played for the Ticats last year or let him play centre (his natural position during most of his CFL career) and let Gagne-Marcoux continue to play left guard.

They should also bring in one or two import offensive tackles, preferably with previous pro experience, to compete with J'onta Woodard and Jerome Davis.