Where's the Offense gonna come from?

Last year, Defense wasn't the problem, Offense was.

Now, were just getting rid of Offensive players, to gain on Defense.

The Offense was a big problem last year, and in my opinion, they just got a lot worse, losing those players.

We've got three quality running backs in Edwards, Childs, and Payton (if he sticks). The receiving corps is solid 1-3 with Cahoon, Watkins, and Stala. The four spot is shaky, but that's only because we haven't seen what the players competing for the spot can do yet. Besides, there are only two teams (Saskatchewan and Calgary) set four-deep at receiver. I'm not sold on the Bombers' crew, especially since they're catching passes from an inferior pivot.

Wilson showed some promise and had great measureables, but he dropped catchable balls from day one, and T. Edwards was too iffy flirting with the Arena League every two weeks like he was doing. Offence wasn't coming through those guys, at least nothing Stokes and one of the new imports can't replace.

I'll put it this way, if this roster can't produce 10 wins, the quality of play around the league will be off the charts.

Cahoon is, well Cahoon. I think Stala will have a comeback year this year, and Watkins we can expect to be Watkins; good but not great.

After that...........

I think Wilson was misused in Montreal. He's big and quick and had no problem crossing over the middle to make catches in traffic. He should be better in the slot as opposed to WR. Edwards was too inconsistent.

What we need is a speed burner in the other WR spot. Here's hoping one of the new guys can fill that role.

Stokes I see as a added SB in a five receiver set, and also possibly stepping into the old Thomas Haskins role.

That said, with our new Offensive Coordinator, we can all expect to see a lot more running from Montreal this year than we have been accustomed to. This means we'll need an upgrade on the O-line, and I do think we're keeping at least 2 of Edwards, Childs, and Payton, maybe even all three. I can visualize a backfield tandem using Edwards as fullback for the straight ahead power running, and Childs more in the scatback, Charles Roberts type role.

Wilson won't be missed. I'm just worried about the #4 receiver spot. After Cahoon, Stala, and Watkins, whom do we have? Nobody, as far as I can see. I'd love to see Popp grab Thurmon.

Als could see Pathon or Desjardins, possibly both by the time NFL cuts are done. Wilson wasn't the answer...