where's the next wave of CFL QB's?

Now that we've all had a good old vent on the short comings of Casey Printers and Cleo Lemon and the inept QB situation in winnipeg, the question I have is where's the 'new wave' of QB's? guys who are under 30 with (a) proven ability or (b) guys with obvious potential who happen to be stuck on NFL practice squads or the perpetual clipboard holder on the sidelines? I thought Graham Harrell would've had a shot ditto Colt Brennan, if we are now in a QB driven league, then how is it that two of the most productive QB's of recent years failed to land on a team somewhere? what about guys like Andre Woodson, Rhett Bomar surely the CFL GM's are looking to a time when people like Ricky Ray, D.Durant Henry Burris and Kevin Glenn are not as productive as they have been

I don't think looking south is necessary. Look at backups on current rosters. Two guys I am very bullish on are Adrian McPherson and Drew Tate. Everyone likes McPherson, but I think Tate has all the tools to be a really good QB in the CFL.

If we want to dig even deeper, guys like Porter and Zabransky might still pan out.

Now, guys that fit your criteria, I was really high on Todd Reesing when he signed with Saskatchewan. I think any of the NCAA QBs who ran spread or zone-read offenses in the NCAA would be a good fit for the CFL.

I forgot about those guys, I'm suprised that Drew Tate hasnt been given a chance to be honest, I think the major knock on Reesing is that he is short but Flutie wasnt exactly a 6'4 beast either. It seems that clubs are highly reluctant to begin phasing in the younger QB until its become obvious that their current guy cant produce at a high level and as a result the losses start piling up, there doesnt seem to be a plan B ( exhibit A Toronto Argos). I think it'll take a brave coach, GM and owner to insert a guy who hasnt started much but who has more upside than none and insert him into a starting line up. Many people rave about Mac Pherson in Montreal but he hasnt had the opportunity to play more than one or two games per season and even though he's done well in limited time playing, I'm stil reserving judgement until i see him play for an extended period of time and see how he performs. On a cautionary note Mr Printers shone for one season 5-6 years ago and he was also being touted as 'The Guy' he and MacPherson are similar player in terms of size and ability we dont know if AM will develop the selfishness of a Casey Printers but time will tell.

Here you go for sake of a discussion already underway on this matter:


Well Durant was a protege in waiting basically.

I remember when he first came into the league. Durant I believe was in Saskatchewan in 2006 and was like 3rd string behind Joseph and Crandell.

and Austin said something to the affect that he believed Durant was very capable of being a good QB in the league. It took him 3 full seasons to get to become the full time starter where he started every game.

2008 was a joke as he started off great but then was hurt and they had to go with othe guys eventually leading to Bishop.. :roll:

But he's still not at his prime yet. he has 1 MAYBE 2 seasons before he'll be right on target and considered a league best.

he's got a few things to learn still but he's pretty good right now.

you need to find more guys like that which a team can groom them into QB's.

the problem with NCAA guys is many of them aren't patient enough to wait and work hard and prove themselves over time to become a starter.

Porter needs playing time IMO - the attitudes of Coaches has to change to one of bringing along prospects,without destroying their confidence.

ya But When you have a good chance at winning an Eastern Final against the Als with Glenn.. you have to tell Porter to wait. you go with what gets you the wins.

I can't believe I'm actually going to do this, but cflisthebest is 100% correct.

Glenn gives the Cats the best chance to win now. Porter might develop into something, but Glenn can lead them to a championship this year. Glenn is also only 31 years old. It's not like he's over the hill or anything. The Cats realized last season after the Thanksgiving Day debacle against Winnipeg that Glenn was going to be their guy going forward. A correct decision IMO. Porter can wait. If he doesn't want to wait, well, that's his call.

True , But IMO it has to do with system as well, Glenn fits the present system in the Hammer, While Porter is better suited in Hamilton's old D Mack offense,(Quick release)

Very true. Glenn fits what Hamilton does offensively perfectly.

I’m really high on Steven Jyles. I think he’ll show next year, that his numbers weren’t a fluke this season. Hopefully for him, he starts getting the wins as well.

McPherson and Tate may be some too. I know in BC a lot of people like Travis Lulay as a bigger, more athletic Dave Dickenson (now think if we could get him away from Calgary). However, in reality you don’t really know what a guy can do until he’s given the shot to perform. It’s hard to get a measure for who’s the next star quarterback in the CFL for that reason.

Steven Jyles, Drew Tate, Jared Zabranski,Travis Lulay and Adrian McPherson look like the new line of QB's to me.

Sorry Zabransky sucks.

He can run but his arm is suspect. and I "Suspect" Tillman won't be bringing him back for 2011 training camp..

What of Trafalis(sp) and Porter?? if they don't have it Why keep them around?

Why not pluck Branadan off the Arg,s P.R. :cowboy:

Brannagan is not near the quality of QB as these other guys.. shouldn't even be mentioning him.

Says you. Zabransky has the tools to be a good CFL QB. He came from a shotgun-heavy, spread offense at Boise State. He's perfectly suited to be in the CFL. Maybe Tillman won't bring him back. If not, I wouldn't be upset if he came to Hamilton to challenge Porter and Tafralis.

I'd classify the next generation of QBs as follows:

Legitimate starters: Durant, Jyles
Flashes of excellence but needs more seasoning: Lulay
Good in limited action, lots of potential, but unproven: McPherson, Tate
Mediocre to poor in limited action, question mark: Porter, Leak, Zabransky, Brink, Bell
Dark horses: Santos, Tafralis

Out of the above group, I'd say that Durant and Jyles are relatively established, Lulay has to prove he can execute at a high level consistently, and McPherson and Tate are the best of the current crop of backups.

Zabransky is a Danny Maciocia brand of player.. the guy does not have the Ability in his Arm to play the position! you can tell by his throws.

His arm strength isn't out of this world, but there are plenty of QBs that don't have the greatest arm strength. The mental side of the game (which one only gains with experience) is what matters most. Michael Bishop had one of the best arms I've ever seen, but he had a nickel brain when it came to decision making. It's not always about the physical tools. There's that little thing called intangibles. If Zabransky can wrap his head around the game, that will make up for any limited arm strength he may have.

Don't know if I entirely agree with this. You're right: arm strength isn't everything (with Bishop being perhaps THE perfect example for your point, LOL). But in this league, you can't have a noodle-armed QB either. It's why Ritchie Williams couldn't be a starter, why Ryan Dinwiddie isn't even in our conversation, why Nealon Green is no longer in the CFL. If your QB can't make that sideline throw across the field without tossing up a lame-duck floater that is basically a pick-six waiting to happen, he won't survive in this league. This isn't the NFL. You can't be a starter being Mr. Checkdown all the time, you can't dink and dunk endlessly, and you can't win just by managing the game. You have to be able to toss that rock down the field at the right time. Even the QBs without cannon arms as such -- Calvillo, Glenn -- can throw the deep ball.