Where's the money

Really interesting to see how the Riders money lays out...
DD - 505 000
Dressler - 250 000
Getz - 225 000
Watson - 140 000?
Bagg - not sure...100 000?
Chick was at what...160 000
Heard Brack was at 105 000
Emery 185 000

That is pushing 1.67 mil in 8 players..1/3 of cap...and we are not even talking OL there, and I don't imagine Alex Hall was cheap. Getz's back-loaded contract is killing the cap this season. Gotta wonder if that makes him moveable? Could we see a draft day big trade? Perhaps the Bombers would bite on a rental SB as they are building a strong team for a home GC run? Have to think the ORBs would be interested.

Well I guess Chick just signed a new extension too for two more years. I doubt he took a pay cut either though I wouldn't expect he should either after last season.

Getz and Bagg may be on the potential move list, both are getting banged up fairly often and as you mentioned Getz's contract may be too much to hold on to.

Wow. That one hurts big time. Dollar for production, probably one of the worst contracts in the league this year.


To bad he didn’t earn the back end when he was on the front end.