Where's the love for Team Canada?

It seems to have gone completely unnoticed, but Canada won gold at the U19 IFAF World Championships on Saturday. They won by beating an American team filled with D-1 NCAA recruits 23-17. Anyway, I want to say congrats to the boys that took home the gold. Great job!

Here's the story on it: http://www.footballcanada.com/News/OldN ... ewsid=1019

yea.. i heard about that... good on them..

Great job Team Canada I must say and a very good write-up; Coaching staff deserves credits as well.

Are these IFAF world championship games played entirely with American football rules/guidelines or a combination of international rules?

I'm pretty sure they would be, though I didn't pay attention that carefully. I'm not aware of Canadian football being played anywhere else besides Canada, and I can't imagine the rest of the participants agreeing to change the rules for just one country.

What an excellent result. Definitely validation for grassroots football programs throughout Canada. Congratulations to all that made this possible.

Poorly supported by TSN. First I heard about the tournament was during Sunday's game when they announced the result. No mention during the Argo game that the final was that night. And I've seen no mention on the CFL site. Sad.

Congrats to the team. The game can still be streamed here;


Why is TSN on the hook for this? They cover every CFL game and added exibition games. Where is CBC,Sportsnet or the score. Tsn had 4 games over the wknd, plus,tennis, golf. Think they do their part and then some.

TSN has actually talked about this a fair amount. A lack of coverage per say, but it was discussed a fair amount.

I also recall for the 2011 Sr championship they talked about Rasouli, Belli, Houle, and a couple others a fair amount as well.

Who plays for usa?

The event only got local coverage in the US. I watched the second half live on youtube and there were only a couple thousand other people watching it. The stands were also pretty bare during the game. It's a fairly new event that hasn't really captured the interest of very many people yet, so I don't think you can fault any major networks for not covering it, as long as it gets mentioned in the news.


Many are committed to top colleges. Whether they make those colleges' team is yet to be seen.

All I know if by chance due to the country rotation factor Canada ever hosts this final, I want the rules to change to CFL version.

The funny thing was that Canada was up by 2 scores, and almost gave the game away with a complete lack of understanding of the American rules in the final 2 minutes. US had no timeouts left, Canada could run out the clock and they're doing shotgun snaps and handoffs. Just a bizarre end.

Congrats to Team Canada! Too bad this wasn't promoted more. If it was hockey this would have been all over TSN.

Canada vs USA game starts at the 3:40 mark cool video


Strictly American rules, hence the name International Federation of American Football.

Actually not a new event at all. Just the governing body. Starting in 1997 and running through 2007 this used to be called the NFL Global Junior Championships when it then was changed to the IFAF Junior World Cup. And now the IFAF U-19 World Championship. No matter what name it's the same format featuring high school age athletes and since 1997 when it started Canada and the U.S. both have 5 titles each.

Compared to 1977 for the World Junior Hockey Championship, which is the equivalent tournament for hockey.

The IFAF U19/NFL GJC hasn't been around for half as long as the WJHC has and it doesn't even seem to have a very high profile in the US, considering it was only covered locally and the stands were mostly empty. So I don't think it's fair to pick on the Canadian media for not giving it as much attention as they do to hockey when even the media in the US, where football is more popular than either hockey or football is here, aren't paying much attention to it. I wouldn't object to more coverage, of course, but I don't think they did anything wrong.

Really don’t understand your comparison to the WJHC. This isn’t Hockey. But as I pointed out this tournament has been ongoing since 1997 so no it’s not new or even fairly new! It’s 15 years old. How old does it have to be for you to not consider it new anymore? Moving on. You’re never going to see major media coverage of this in the states anyway. The airwaves down here are chocked full of too many sporting events as it is so there will never be room for this tournament.