Where's the disipline Coach?

Kick off- we get an unneccessary roughness from who? Our veteran Barrenechea.

we got what, 6 calls against us in the first 5 minutes?

Where's the discipline that you promised us, Dejardine? I thought that just maybe, 10 flags for 145 yard in one quarter last game would teach us something. Do you not understand that there is nothing that upsets fans more than dumb penalties?

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe Charlie needs to start fining these guys for after the whistle or Special Teams penalties.

#20 Anderson db. thinks the back of a Jersey is a target and gets called on it every game.....resulting in a good return called back again! Come on get with it!

as a coach you can only preach disipline so much..then its up the the players themselves..

time for the fines..

Charlie should fine this young team so they start learning disiplined football, give the proceeds to charity .

He is using fines for Mistakes.
Charlie is not Greg Marshall.
Charlie is doing what he can.
The Rest it up to Team and it Captions to Step up Stop the Parade of Flags

cfl.ca has the semi-official play list HERE

N. SETTA Kickoff M15 (60 yds), B. BRATTON Kickoff Return (19 yds), R. GLASPER Special Teams Tackle (15:00) PENALTY HAMILTON: M. ROBICHAUD Unnecessary Roughness (15 yds)
So the opening kick-off error goes to ROBICHAUD. It took three quarters for the officials to get out of the game.

Fine them what? They don't have any money. I want taafe to take it out on thier hydes. Make them work. You know that 4 letter word that is banned in Ivor Wynne Stadium? I mean gruelling physical punishment, army style. Not this piddly ass fining system. I want REAL consequences that will be felt for 3 days.

Charlie's all talk.

Fining will mean nothing.....if he wante to or wants to make a statement to the team and fans he should have sent Robichaud (he took the rouhing pentatlty at opening kickoff) right to the dressing room. Told him he was done for the game and then sent anyone else who made a stupid pentalty there as well....
they may get the idea then

Well the ref said the penalty was on number 39 (Auggie).

I go back to my original post where I said that coaches & GM's too often evaluate a player on his physical ability only & totally neglect to consider their mental ability. I really feel this is the real situation on this year's team. They need to get someone in the secondary that could think fast & adjust to the play & eliminate those stupid penalties.