Where's the defence?

Barring a heroic game-tying drive by Ray, we've lost this game, and I have to lay full blame on the defence.

The offence played good. Ray threw for over 400 yards and 2 TDs. Stamps had a great game, Mann had a breakout game. But the defence... Aside from the pick by Goss, what did we do? I saw a lot of weak tackles out there. It was like guys weren't even trying. Are the guys just tired from the short week?

2 TDs isn't acceptable for our hi-octane offense, or for Ray. Not with 400 yards passing and only one passing TD. We needed to go downfield more often to stretch their D. We didn't, and our defense gave up the big tackle plays on the ground and in the air.

I didn't think the passing game was all that bad, though I did miss most of the third. I went out to get food. The chimp working behind the counter took forever to make my fries. I think he actually had to peal the potatoes.

But if there was one knock on our offence, I'd say it was the running game. Why do we have McClendon back? I know Harris is injured, but surely there are better backs out there. If we were that desperate for a back, we should have made an offer to Keith. :lol:

The defence is what really let me down.

I saw the replay of Armsteads return in the third... did Prefontaine even attempt to stop him? I don't think he even threw an arm out; I think he should turned and watched him blow by. I understand he's only a kicker, but come on... help your struggling team out.

Still not really sold on Rick Campbell's schemes, but you also happened to run into a Bomber offense that is on the rise.

All I can say is Rick has got to go and as hard as it is I think Kepley has got to go as well Time to move the old gard out and start with some new blood.

Great game you guys, back and forth and a little chippy too boot.

Get your tickets for next week, these two really have a hate on developing for each other and it should be a very entertaining game. I hope Barrenchiapet enjoys watching it from the sidelines. :wink: