where's the coverage?

where is the coverage on the first two touchdowns... not a single cat within ten yards...absolutely bush league...coaching?..dumb players?...are we THAT BAD?


3 games. gave up 37, 30 & 29 points. Same mistakes. Is it poor coverage or poor coaching? Who is evaluating the secondary & what are they looking at. Is it just us? Are we missing something? Are we all watching the same game? You be the judge. I'm totally confused, after only 3 games into the season. Your thoughts, please.

We have some young guys out there, we were missing Cody, and up until a few days ago, we thought Sam Young was going to play.

The defense played more zone coverage last night. This was probably to cover up for some of the innexperience, and to reduce the number of big plays which we have surrendered previously. This unfortunately appears to have caused some coverage mix ups at really bad times.

If we can get healthy, and get the best guys on the field, I think we can improve here. This unit has gone through a lot of changes, and that can make communication difficult.


I’ll tell you what were missing: Experience. We started 3 players who dont have a whole lot of playing time at there specific position or just in general. Karikari at HB is only temporary until Cody is back, but it showed that he wasnt always 100% as to his responsibilities. This should change when he steps bck to Safety. Delgardo is a rookie, as is Anderson. Both played decently but again, struggled at times as well. Finally, Beveridge played at Safety. While he played well and it is his natural position, he hasnt gotten a whole lot of actual game time. I’m amzed we did as well as we did. With Cody back soon hopefully, i believe we will see a vast improvement. And Joepa, you cannot expect improve after 3 games when more than half the team wasnt here last year and with many new faces starting. Give it a rest with your negative posts, nobody wants to hear it.

I can accept your comments, however, isn't pre-season camp the place to evalute your players in all areas? After 3 weeks of camp, 2 exhibition games & 3 league games, it seems you are implying these players still cannot communicate? If that's the case, I doubt if they really meet the criteria of professional football players. As you are well aware, some of these players were cut from the NFL, possibly for these same reasons, & continue the same deficiencies. I think it would be better to keep a guy right out of the college ranks that has potential, than to just keep bringing in veterans, cut from other teams, game after game. Also, what then happens to the team re-building process using the current philosophy?