Where's the Commish

It's been an interesting and intreging season this year.

Normally during times like these you would see a league commissioner putting fans at ease and at least be visible.

Just wanted to know has anybody heard from Mr. Randy Ambrosie?

I don't believe he's made an appearance on TV or I may have missed him.

It took him until recently to make an appearance in Montreal.

All teams are experiencing attendance issues (beyond anyone's control)

Here's an example of Ambrosie's absence.


I'm hoping he's taking meetings with potential sponsors.

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Based on how the league performed (hopefully an anomaly) who would want to provide sponsorship money :moneybag:?

I’ve seen him in attendance at least a couple times at Ticat home games. Hasn’t said too much publicly - he will be doing the state of the league address during Grey Cup week. This would be a good forum to come up with some hardball questions that the fans can lobby him grenade style for that special occasion!


That would explain why he's not in front of the camera. The search for sponsors would be like Indiana Jones trying to battle the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I hear he's busy working on the big 8-domed-stadiums deal.


Talk about being in a bubble :rofl:

Seen a fan on Twitter say that he bumped into Ambrosie at the Alouettes game last Saturday.

EZ_football would be pleased to see that the commish reads his posts.

That was his first appearance in Montreal this season.

Not concerned about attendance issues in the CFL apparently.

Ambrosie going to games isn't going to solve attendance issues anyways. People who are in the stadium don't have to be convinced to go to games. The problem is that they don't go out into the community and when they do they rely on social media like Twitter to be their sole marketing tool. The problem is that fans that follow the CFL on social media already consume the product. He has to convince people that don't know anything about the CFL to give it a try. He should be paying off the media to do stories on the league etc.


I saw him at Canadian Tire looking at some oversized tents they had on sale . :smiley: :circus_tent: :circus_tent:


The good thing about them is there dual purpose you can sleep in them at a provincial park and you can host a pro football game especially one's with the Argos hosting .

I like the big 7 women 1 man tents but some just buy the 8 men tents . To each their own .

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I thought that was him working the concession stand . It was hard to tell though because he was wearing a full balaclava instead of a mask . :mask:

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Does it have a zipper to use when he's allowed to speak?:rofl:

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Maybe Randy Bobandy and his ridiculous scarf is in Liechtenstein trying to create “an alliance” with the Liechtenstein Football League.

LMAO :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Yup , that's the one...

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That's got to be painfull.

But for whom?

The Gimp from "Pulp Fiction"


The CFL needs to be run by a qualified marketing / business person not ex-player(s).