Where's the Caretaker.......

We haven't heard anything from the Caretaker lately. I guess he's afraid of getting linched if he come's on here.lol.

Last reported to be vacationing with Ricky Williams. McMahon will confirm.

I was thinking the same thing, In past seasons he could be seen walking around in the stands. This year he my be a little :oops:

Do you recall the thread he started last year when we hit 0-8 titled "How do you think we feel?" WIth the teams repeat performance in 2006 there isn't anything left for Bob to say. The on field performance speaks for itself.

Dont worry about Bob he`ll be around and he will be doing something . He is too good of a businessman to not and he is also a very busy guy .

A working vacation, on the set filming CFL's Cheech & Chong.