wheres the call

I dont know if anybody else saw this but when bc was on the goal line they did play action and ottawa tackeled dickenson and he threw the ball a couple yaards in front of him and it was ruled a incomplete pass. One problem the ball wasnet beyond the line of scrimage and there wasnt a reciever within 5 yards which should be intentional grounding which would keep ottawa closer

he was winding up to throw when the ottawa player hit his arm, deflecting the direction of the ball, but since he was in a passing motion(arm behind his head), it was ruled an incomplete pass.

yes but that is intentional grounding i did not see a reciever within 10 yards and the ball was know whrere near the line of scrimage

Normally you would be correct butI think that because he was being tackled there is no grounding and because the ball went forward it was not a fumble.

Mind you being tackled does not allow the passer to flip the ball forward in order to avoids the sack. I would say that the tackle has to screw up the pass.

Is my babbling making any scence?

intentional grounding is just that, intentional.

Here is the rule
If a Team A passer deliberately, and in the official’s opinion for the purpose of avoiding loss of yardage, throws the ball behind the line of scrimmage to the ground or out of bounds or to an area in which there is not an eligible Team A receiver, the team shall be penalized.

It was not intentional.

thats ur opinion but i think it was intentional ottawa made a good play and well he was being taken down he threw the ball away