Where's the Bouef?

Let's group the beefs.

If you feel the answer should be 'other' feel free to post a comment. The poll only allows for eight choices.

What about the all above button? :wink:

wow a landslide for PaoPao lol

One thing fans here have in common is we are better OC's than Lancaster Jr.;then the one we got after him and now we know more than Pao Pao.
Who is good enough for us fans ?

Danny Mac? :cowboy:

Poapoa and his lousy offence are to blame.

i voted maas, becuz i think he knew before coming here his shoulder wasnt 100%, and hes playing threw it like he never got hurt, but just he isnt the same QB he use to be..

I vote Paopao because what we see on game day is so inconsistant it boggles the mind. We beat Winnipeg (best run defense in the league) witha Running game, while the pass attack was about average. Than we play Toronto at home defense, run early ahad some success than suddenly that drops off the charts and we pass on everydown, but only about 6-7 yards downfield. Its 2 and 15. and what do we do? We pass short for maybe 7 yards? what kidn of crap is that? Joe has to go.

Anyone who wins!

Maas! Playing through injury or not, he should not be throwing like a high schooler at this level.

I say Paopao and Marshall are to blame for not properly evaluating and tailoring an offensive system to maximize the talent of the roster.

Square pegs don't fit into round holes.

I'm not sure what your point is, unless it's to point out that Hamilton has a track record for hiring absolutely abysmal offensive coordinators. Yes, RD was terrible. So was Barressi. So is Paopao. Just because the first one was bad, doesnt' mean the next few were improvements.