Where's the best place to sit at IWS?

Hi Ti-cat fans...

I'm considering flying to Hamilton to see a game at IWS before they tear it down.

Where's the best place to sit? I'm thinking about Box J, but is there a better place to sit? I guess my question is better phrased as where would I get the best IWS experience?

I'd be cheering for the Ti-cats, they're my Eastern team, so sitting in the middle of a bunch of rowdies would be fine.

If you want rowdy, Box H behind the away team’s bench.

Anywhere in Box I or the first 24 seats in Box J. Lower rows get you really close to the feel & sounds of the game. Higher rows give your perspective to the whole field.

Make contact with a platinum season ticket holder & they can get you preferred seats at a discount.

Just out of curiousity, where are you flying from?? It's really great to hear that someone (obviously a great fan) would fly in to sit in the old girl before her swan song.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I live in Edmonton. And will likely be flying in to Toronto and renting a car... any suggestions on parking?

And how early do they open the doors before a game? I might as well take a good look around before the game.

Come by Scott Park for some tailgating !!

The beauty of Ivor Wynne is every seat has a good view of the field. But I would suggest that you sit in the lower sections closer to the fields. Box J is right behind the players bench and its filled with season ticket holders. So it maybe tough to get a tickets in that area. Section 7 is beside Box J and its usually free plus its at a lower price point.

Pretty sure the gates open 2 hours before game time. Please note, pretty sure there is no in and out policy at Ivor Wynne. So once you go in you can't get out.

I would suggest you come about 3 hours before game time, park at Lot J which is across from the stadium and costs $20 to park. Then you can soak up the best tailgating experience in the CFL and then leave about 1.5 / 1 hr before game time to walk around IWS and amaze at the steel structure, beautiful bathrooms and great concession areas that has served the City of Hamilton to well for 82 year.. :rockin:

Good post BJB to help an out-of-towner. Hey Edmonton, best advice offered is the tailgating you gotta be part of that. Also remember they will not allow any food or beverages to be brought in, I guess most stadiums are like that. By the way, you wouldn't be coming on the 15th by any chance??

Hey Eskie Fan.
I've got a couple pair of seasons at IWS. One pair is in the front row of Box I, corner of the Visitors Bench (47,48 yard line)
I also happen to be flying to Edmonton for the Oct 5 Cats game.
Perhaps we could swap some tix?

Ahem...Section 7 is where fans just as loyal as Box J sit for a better view. The main difference is we're not inclined to wear skirts and hard hats in public (not that there's anything wrong with that). We are also not as crazy as Section 8 (MASH reference - bonus points). On the Section 7 side of the field you get a nice view of the Niagara Escarpment. On the other side a lovely view of Hamilton's smoke stacks which is especially memorable at night. As others have said, there really is no bad seat in the stadium.

the best view of the stadium and city is from the nose-bleeds in sections 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Box I Row 19 Seat 27