Where's the best place to sit at Canad Inns?

Hi Bomber fans...

I'm considering flying to Winnipeg to see a game at Canad Inns Stadium before they tear it down. I wanted to make the trip last year, but life got in the way. But it looks like I have a second chance.

Where's the best place to sit? Like most stadiums, it is probably between the 50's 25 rows up, but maybe it is better to say that I'm looking for the best Winnipeg Stadium experience. Sometimes the cheap seats are more fun.

I'm 6'4" and from what I have heard, some of the seats might not have enough leg room. Another consideration is that I'm looking at flying in for the Stamps game and they are my team.

(bad PDog), likes to sit in the family section so i can color and play toys at half time and I really love gum drops and soda.


East side is the place to be, maybe avoid section s. It's loudest section in the league, hands down. But not the best place to be sitting if cheering for the road team. The banjo bowl would be the game , but it''s sold out, getting a ticket will be tough.

You're correct about the leg room. I'm 6'4" as well and its brutal. Its been a long time since I've been up there but I think the upper decks have bleachers, not seats, so you might be better off up there. If you can get in the middle that would be better than the lower sections where you'll probably get seats at the 20 yard line or less. The upper decks are really loud as they have the aluminum roof right above you.

The upper decks have numbers and the lower sections have letters.

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