where's the best place to park for games in Guelph?

I'm going to today's game and would like to save time and frustration, so if someone could tell me the best place to park and the going rate it would be greatly appreciated.


I think P19 and P 17 are sold out, to season ticket holders.

An email I received last week from the team said there was still cash spots open in P24 @ $20 and P30/31 @ $10 per.

One game in and I already have my "secret" free spot! A short walk will do almost anyone good. :slight_smile:

thanks, after a few games it will be easier, I liked parking at the Center Mall for free and walked to the stadium. This should be good for 1 season.

where is the secret spot?

If you dont mind a 10 minute walk, park for free in the residential area to the west of Gordon Street, north of Dean Avenue (On streets below Dean Avenue, there is a 2 hour parking limit, and word is you will get ticketed)

8) If you want to save time and frustration.....just park in your own side drive and watch the game on TV. :lol:

So agree!!!!!!

After today… I may just give it to you.
As for hints… go south young man!

Parking lot at Campus Estates Plaza across from Best Western? Saw a lot of cars there today...

Considering what happened with the game, your best parking spot was in your driveway...

Loads of places for free if you don't mind walking a bit.

Lots of spots just south of Stone Road- don't have to go as far as the Plaza.

Some may decide after yesterday's game that the best place to park is in front of their TV's.....

Watched the game on TV last night from Ottawa. Just wondering how long it takes to drive from central Hamilton to the stadium in Guelph?

it took 45 minutes from the west mountain of Hamilton to Guelph, the whole production was exactly an hour (from my drive way to our seats), which included finding parking and walking to our seats.