Where's TC??????

What the heck happened to TC? I see stripes on the field, but no TC! He's been gone for awhile, but I want to know what happened to my fave mascot!

Is he in retirement in Florida somewhere?

i saw him for a second in front of cat dressing room, i guess with cheetos and now robbie poor tc can't get a break.
i still love ya tc,

Ah, the memories of T.C. hanging an Argo effigy from the crossbar and ramming it with the ATV...


Oski Wee Wee,

i think tc is still here to mentor robbie, show him what it takes, show him the ropres, hopefully have robbie ready for labour day

Ahhh the good old days :wink:

TC is around during the games.. but doesn't seem motivated to do more than wander around and wave a little. It makes me sad.

Though I will AGAIN point out that Stripes looks nothing like Chester Cheetah... he looks a heck of a lot like Hobbes though. :slight_smile:

you want action??? I'll suit up for TC !!!

I'm crazy like that!!!!!

Can I still drink beer though???? cuz if not thats gonna be a problem!!!!!

TC and STRIPES moved around together at times
to different spots up in the stands High-5-ing
waving, and teasing us with freebies T shirts.


TC has a new costume with 00 on the back.

click here

At first this year I didn't recognize him.

Favourite TC memory...

Do you remember when he ran down that ref driving the ATV that he used to have?

In his shock standing over the victim, TC started to remove his giant tiger head until someone reminded him that he was still in front of a crowd of thousands of kids who did not need to see the face of the doofus inside the costume.

"Daddy, is TC going to jail?"



And the UN passed a motion the following day banning the use of ATVs as a weapon on future zebra safaris in Africa... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think T.C. has forced to go after refs with a trike a la Benny Hill after that. LOL

Oski Wee Skidmark,