Where's RLR?

A lot of us rider fans on this forum have been taking crap from RLR all year, and i'am just wondering where he is now?

Curled up in the fetal position somewhere, is my best guess…

The lynch mob is out!

I'm here, check my thread at the top of the page.

gotta love premature posts

No kidding. What happened to taking the high road? Calling out RLR, while he did deserve when he was obnoxious, is hardly taking the high road. He took his lumps. Time to lay off.

I disagree...when someone talks trash, as many BC fans did, they absolutely deserve to be held accountable for their comments after they're proven wrong...just do it tastefully...

But RLR wasn't doing that... at least not the new RLR.

Sorry...I was speaking of trash talkers in general...I suppose I didn't clarify...

Yeah, RLR seemed decent yesterday and the night before prior to kickoff.

Yes, most surprisingly so…
I plan to get to the bottom of this intrigue!

Alien abduction?