Where's Overhead Cam

Apologies if this has been already discussed but where is the overfield camera been. Earlier in year wires and rigging were in place. Just wondering.

I had asked the same question earlier, also sent an email to TSN wondering what happened. Received no response. I sit in the front row and anything that will keep the camera on the golf cart out of my line of sight the better!

Anyone remember the Sky Dome’s skycam?

Here’s an overhead cam for you! ;D

TSN no doubt deemed it too expensive for regular season. Be surprised if it wasnt brought back for playoffs or at least GC.

I’m sure that it was there at the beginning of the season. (But then again I’m sure of a lot of things that are wrong.) I remember pointing it out to my nephew at an early game while we were in my nosebleed seats. (I also remember once being handsome and charming.)

But I agree with you, you would figure it there for the playoffs. But again, they would have to get it going for only one game and I don’t really trust the support the CFL gets from TSN.

Maybe to shoot in 4k they’ll need twin overhead cams.

And from the group Starflyer 59 comes the song… “Dual Overhead Cam”! ;D

Overhead camshaft (DOHC).

I’m pretty sure it was not there at the start of the season.

As evidence, I present the most reliable source of them all: this chatboard, in the play-by-play thread of the third game of the season, a few posts down on the page linked below.


Ouch… how sharper than a serpent’s tooth.

I hope its back for the playoffs and Grey Cup

I enjoy the overhead cams. It makes the TSN broadcast seem more professional and big budget. The overhead perspective of the players in the huddle was always neat to watch.