Where's our running game?

Wow guys it's seriously time now to overhaul the running game. :o There is hardly anything to lose and much to gain.

(Once I heard Durant was off the boot, I changed my pick after my last post)

It is a disgrace. They passed the ball 90% of the time tonight. And then when they decide to run the ball, they dont even disguise it. They bring in at least one tight end and sometimes even a full back. You can tell watching the TV if they are going to run the ball or not half of the time, so just picture what the defence must see!

I did not watch this game, but given this description I can picture the defensive feast!

It just might be the most one-sided set of CFL highlights I have ever watched too.

And you always know who's going to get the ball as wheel, as they never give it to the extra back.

Exactly! And I hate to break it to Condell, but the play action pass is not effective unless you actually run the ball before hand. SASK knew they were not going to run it, did not even bite...

Austin is a passing coach. He was a QB himself so he sees passing first, running second. Not that the Cats' running backs are very good. They released better guys in my opinion. Avon Cobourne, Corey Boyd and Mallett are out there without jobs. Any one of them would be an upgrade. However, an improved running game is just one of several areas that needs improvement. Basically, the talent level at every position except maybe QB needs to be upgraded. The current bunch aren't good enough.

You almost have to work at scoring zero points in a full game but these guys managed to do it. It was a humiliating display of complete ineptness by these players.

An Argo-Cat fan

Yeah Austin is pass oriented and so this team is designed to be! When their receivers are healthy they can compete with any team in the passing game. But until we learn how to run the ball (like a 2-1 split), our passing game will suffer, and Burris will continue to be blitzed, or have no one to throw the ball to.

A passing coach.... Burris 16 of 27 for 158 yards with 1 int. That is less than 10 yards a pass. Lefevour was 3 of 4 for 21 yards and just as good average 7 yards a catch. Defense played well under the circumstances and all the injuries I give them full marks for a good effort considering all the time spent on the field. Here we go again we need an O line. Fantuz is injury prone and so is Stala although Stala has been healthy the last couple of years he is still breakable. I look at Sask and I see the Ti-cat alumni including most of the coaches. Why could they not perform here?? We have to work through all this but I will say it again Burris although at times a great performer has run out of magic. He still misses at the most inoportune times hence the reason Calgary got rid of him. This is another lost year but I see a good chance the defence maybe coming together. With all the injuries and lack of rest during the game they did well. Finally succumbing to Kory Sheets but not after a valiant effort. Offensively we go from the best to almost the worst overnight.

But on at least two, and possibly more, of those sacks, his running back had released and was wide open. All it would have taken was a dump over the rushers and Walker / Lamar (assuming he could catch it) would have been off running. Burris seemed panicked and ate the ball. At the very least, he should have whipped it into the first row of seats - not that I have even seen him do that since he got to Hamilton.

8) It's too late now, the Argos signed Jennings today.
  Probably as insurance, since Chad Kackert is now out 4-6 weeks with that knee injury he sustained in the Winnipeg game.

  They also signed former Cat, DB Ricardo Colclough today.

Even the commentators from TSN stated that you won't see the run game under Austin as he like the air. But even myself as a couch coach knows you need the run to setup the pass and vice-versa. Geez, how hard is it to know that the next play is going to be a pass when the previous 20 were?

I agree,if you are 1-3 and keep doing the same thing and losing then stop it.We have been through that type of thinking to many times in the past. :cowboy:

That's a missed opportunity for the Ti-Cats on Jennings perhaps, as they really could use a very experienced back to shore things up all-around in the backfield. I'm surprised that the Argos did not invite back Riggs Jr too.

Cobourne, Boyd, Mallett, Victor Anderson, Rhodes, Coker, Riggs Jr, and barring severe injury, Porter, Reid, and Whitlock et cetera are all still out there.

What about James Berezik... 24 yr old RB. I thought he looked better than Chevon in preseason last year up the middle and just as good or better outside. Here's some clips from that game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL5cDgmP-VY



That can't be the same Archie Amerson that played for us? An obvious imposter,doesn't even look like him!!! Where oh where did ya find that little old nuggett Captain? :? :wink:

Father maybe?

They went to the same high school in San Diego and their birth years are 19 1/2 years apart.

Toldeo Mud Hens and Hamilton Tiger-Cats. How about that?

Just researched it,Archie’s dad was indeed also named Archie,the ballcard is from the ‘79’ season,Archie was born on Aug.24/74
making him 5yrs old at the time,and his dad approx. between 24-25. 18 yrs later in ‘97’ Archie became a Ti-Cat.Interesting stuff indeed,Archie Amerson jr. one of my favorite Cats of the last 15 yrs!!! :thup:

Remember austin got fired in toronto for not using ricky williams....he lives and dies by the pass...and we are dying a fast death so far this year and will continue to do so until he wakes up.

same here.
Riggs played extremely well in spot duty for the Argos as an all round back, and could make an immediate impact on the Cats if brought in.