Where's our running game?

Game 1
Lamar 4/34
Gable 4/23
Giguere 1/10

Game 2 (in a monsoon)
Lamar 5/23
Gable 6/12

Game 3
Lamar 4/16
Walker 4/11

28 rushing attempts for 129 yards in three games, not counting when Burris takes off.

9.33 att per game for 43 yards.

Very good question. I think Austin is a throw oriented type coach. If we can get 50 or 60 yards a game out of our
existing RB's Ken will be happy.I don't see the existing group of RB's doing any better than that. Unless we call up Avon.

Run the ball in the fall.

Remember austin got fired in toronto for not using ricky williams......same thing happening here.

There was a series near the beginning of the game where we gave Walker the ball 3 or 4 times in a row, though not all rushing, and he looked totally awesome. Then not only did we stop giving him the ball, the rare time we did rush, we gave the ball to Lamar. No excuse of being behind on the scoreboard this time either. Maybe Austin was wanted to keep Chevy's reps low for his first week back? Either that or he has a complete disdain for using rushing as a tool.

A good running game requires an offensive line that can create holes between the tackles. How many times would you run full tilt into a brick wall?

Then find new offensive lineman or teach them the fundamentals of a running game.

When Chad Simpson had his TD run up the middle, he had a lane about 5 yards wide to run through.

The Alouettes just released Chris Jennings. I’d pick him up.

Good luck. He weighs 218 lbs!

that should be enough to run through a brick wall!

Jennings,I don't think so!!! As Captain pointed out,218lbs,17 more than Walker and a whopping 38lbs more than LaMar.Stats are mediocre not great....2012...7 games,318 yds,1 td.(45 yd avg. per game) 2013...8 carries..29yds(3.6 yd. avg. 1 t.d.) Why is it that certain posters,get excited and gung ho,everytime another team makes a cut? We already have 76 cats in the litter!!.Jennings was cut for a reason and honestly I don't believe any better than what we have right now. :thdn:

Jennings is nothing special, but he would easily be the teams' best runner between the tackles, something we need to get better at. Hence why I would like to sign him.

Please don't sign him he's not good enough for you guys :wink:

I think running game blocking is far more complicated than pass blocking. So, with new coaches and new concepts would it not be prudent to hold back on the running game for a bit so that the O line has a chance to get familiar with the schemes? There seemed to be more running plays last week than before, maybe now that Chevvy is back and Austin can see him under game conditions things will progress more quickly.
I don't care how many running plays there are: I know you need them to build a good pass attack, but they are not the be all or end all.
Runaway, hard fought, ugly; 300 yds passing, 60 running, 60 passing and 300 running I don't care as long as it is a game win.

Also keep in mind, these stats don't include those screen passes and sneak pass the line, short hitch pass plays, which aren't really running plays, but kinda are. I was pleased with Walkers performance in the first half, espcially that monsterous juke/undressing he put on that one play, but the second half he was nowhere to be seen.

What bothers me most about our running game is the lack of creativity and blocking fundamentals. More than once I’ve seen the RB avoid a tackle behind the line of scrimmage and make a move on 1 or 2 more and then get clobbered for a minimal gain. You shouldn’t have to dodge 3 guys in the backfield on running plays. We don’t run because our O-Line for some strange reason can’t run block.

If we gained 10 yards every time we rushed the ball…we’d rush the ball more. If we get 2 or 3 on most rushes…well, we’ll be doing what we are doing. screen passes and other stuff.

Winnipeg, Edmonton and Toronto pined their ears back and came after us with no regard for the run at all and it puts a lot of pressure on Burris to find guys quick. You can’t be one dimensional on offense, your QB gets killed and you become predictable.

I hope it's okay to post an opinion here, as I do like the spirit of your town even though I am for another team. If not, I will understand.

Here were my thoughts on your running game in a different thread, for I would like to see it improve as I enjoy the play of Burris' offence when it has a good running game.

..."I'm very timid logically but have a strong gut instinct on my pick for Hamilton given especially their lack of running game and terrible defence. I'm just not a believer in Drew Willy though and have a feeling he'll commit multiple turnovers.

If Hamilton had enough of a running game to be able to work the clock at times or ambush the front four of that defence quick off the ball of Saskatchewan with various draws, sweeps, and counters after play action, I'd be more confident but they are not even close.

Burris is at his best in that sort of offence as he was at Calgary."

Post away Paolo X....For the most part,we are a friendly bunch here(some not all!!) Just watch whatcha say about our T-CATS,play nice :slight_smile: and you'll get along just fine with the majority of us,after all this is by far the most active forum in the CFL.And by far the best fans and most knowledgable in the league :thup: :thup:

I sure hope we don't get our star QB Hank injured for a lack of a running game. I hold my breath each time Henry is forced to run with the ball, HB is trying everything right now to keep our offense rolling including to much running. :cowboy: