Where's our Money for these FA's?

what the hell is going on in Saskatchewan???

we couldn't afford to Sign at least one of them? Lloyd or McKenzie?

we let go of Dominguez Flick, we trade Johnson and January leaves..

yet We can't sign at least one of them?? where the hell is our money going then?

this is absolutely crap! I am having a very VERY hard time believing that we couldn't sign either of them!

Here we go again.

I think for every dollar the 'riders would have offered them, they would have phoned back to either BC or Edmonton and got a counter offer until the first one either called chicken or gave up. I think that both are probably now overpaid. The 'riders have Rey Williams who should be as good as Anton McKenzie (if not better) and Sam Olajubutu has had the scouting raving about him with the only knock against him being his lack of height. The 'riders have generally been able to recruit darn good imports on defence in the past and I suspect the trend will continue for 09. We get sentimental over "our" players forgetting that most of them are mercenaries and if they get the chance will jump to the NFL in a heartbeat.

whats wrong Oxbow??

I was kinda wondering the same thing we should have a few dollars to resign one of them. O well i guess they dont want to win grey cups the riders will be fine without them anyway ,but it would of been nice to resign mo or anton.

I totally agree

Perhaps it wasn't an issue of the Riders not wanting to sign them as much as it could have been them not wanting to sign with the Riders. I'm not sure how high you want to go, cflishthebest - where's the upper limit for the Riders to pay a guy like Lloyd? If it gets to a bidding war, is paying Lloyd four hundred grand a year worth it to keep him here?

I absolutely detest how people assume it's all management's fault without getting proof. Get some facts first, then complain.

Lloyd an Eskimo
By Murray McCormick 02-16-2009 COMMENTS(0) Rider Rumblings

Maurice Lloyd is headed to Edmonton.

The former Roughriders middle linebacker, who became a free agent on Sunday, supposedly signed a two-year deal worth $160,000 per. The Riders were offering a three-year deal worth $135,000.

Monday has turned out to quite the day.

i have a problem with it

Well we knew he'd get over 150, so this isn't a surprise. An offer of 135 from the riders tells me we really were never that interested.

so your saying management didnt really want him then

I'd say that's possible, yep...

I do know that on other sites, there have been a number of people who have read comments by Lloyd - they've said he's running his mouth about management and the negotiations during the process...if (IF) that is the kind of guy he is, it stands to reason management wouldn't want him around.

I haven't heard anything like that. I have however heard that he has repeatedly stated he wanted to play here. He likes it here and all he wanted was a fair offer.
135 a year simply was not a fair offer. If he signed for 160, I suggest he actually could have held out for more, but was himself reasonable. If we had offered him 150 before the deadline, maybe he signs. And as the 135 we offered was supposedly incentive laden (within the 135) why would anyone accept that if they can get more and upfront. Especially days after a vet like Matt gets released rather than pay him his bonus...

I can't recall reading that he wanted to remain a Rider, to be honest...if he wanted out, so be it - and good luck to him, just not against the Riders...I said to Mr. jm02 after Hall went to Edmonton that Lloyd wouldn't be far behind him...

All eyes are on Lloyd


REGINA -- Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Maurice Lloyd knows what it’s like to be wanted.

Lloyd has been the focus of speculation as the CFL’s kickoff to free-agency looms. Players who have played out their options become free agents at 11:01 p.m. on Sunday.

Lloyd, who is eligible to file for free agency, has fielded numerous calls from his Riders’ teammates attempting to convince him to re-sign.

“At the end of every conversation, they always say the same thing,’’ Lloyd said Friday. “ ‘You have to do what is best for you.’ That’s the most respectful thing that any man can say to another man because he’s not just thinking about himself. He’s also thinking about me.’’

Lloyd is one of 11 Roughriders eligible to test free agency and he has drawn the most attention after two strong seasons. In 2008, he was named a CFL all-star after recording 75 tackles and a tying for the team lead in sacks with five. Lloyd also contributes intangibles, such as leadership, enthusiasm and a knack for making game-changing plays, that can’t be measured

The Riders have been in negotiations with Lloyd and his agent for weeks. The Riders have offered Lloyd a three-year contract with a base salary of $135,000 plus incentives per season. Lloyd’s agent, Marty Magid, said that his client is worth more than what the Riders are offering.

“Mo would love to come back to Saskatchewan and we have another 24 hours to get the deal done,’’ said Magid, adding that the negotiations with the Riders have been cordial. “If not, we will test free agency. We haven’t closed the door on Saskatchewan, either.’’

It’s believed that the B.C. Lions and Edmonton Eskimo would be the most interested in meeting Lloyd’s salary demands. Lloyd stressed that he would like to return to the Roughriders but only with the right contract.

“There are still plenty of opportunities for the Roughriders and there isn’t anything off the table while they still have a chance,’’ said Lloyd, who turns 26 on Sunday. “I consider myself one of the top middle linebackers in the league and I have a chance to find out what I’m worth if the Riders don’t pick me up.’’

The Riders had three starting linebackers eligible to test free agency. Sean Lucas re-signed on Friday for one year and an option.

Anton McKenzie’s agent, Richard Bernstein, told the Leader-Post on Friday that McKenzie plans to test free agency. Bernstein that no talks will take place until then but would consider an offer from the Riders afterwards.

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/football/roughriders-football/eyes+Lloyd/1288442/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/footba ... story.html[/url]

Well, there you have it…Lloyd’s AGENT said Lloyd would like to come back, but Lloyd said he would only with the right contract…doesn’t sound like a yearning to be a Rider to me…if he wanted to stay, he would have said as much, without the stipulations…

Our FA money -- all went to our Non-Imports

We signed the Sask guys. Hughes, Makowsky, McGrath, and Cleremont.
Then we threw in a few others -- Boreham, Wagner.

This is Tillman's master plan. Make sure you have a strong nucleus of Canadians, and then out-scout the league and build your way to championships. There are plenty of Imports out there. With the breakup of the AFL, and the recession, there is now an over-abundance of quality football players and a shortage of other jobs. As much as I like Mo and Anton, the Sask master plan doesn't include paying our imports that level of compensation. The master plan calls for finding other players that are as good or better and play for less money.

Remember last year ... there was some disappointment that we wouldn't pay Reggie the money he wanted, but our LB corps was stronger and cheaper after he left.

I don't see a problem with a player wanting a fair deal, jm. Even Geno likely would not have re-signed had we offered him approx. 75% of what he was worth. and if you don't like the qualifier, fine.

I don't like the qualifier, but don't make it out like it's all management's fault, either. He obviously didn't want to be here much, and they obviously didn't want to keep him around much. Big deal...move on.

Let's not also forget that we have, what...ten? twelve? contracts ending next season as well. Guys like Cates, Fantuz, Congi - they'll all need some cash for re-signing, hopefully...and guys like Dressler, I would imagine, would be approached to extend their contracts. My guess is the cash from recent movements would go towards securing those guys prior to free agency next year...

[url=http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=267421&lid=sublink04&lpos=topRelated_cfl]http://tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=267421&lid= ... elated_cfl[/url]

We also got another Non-Import LB in McCullough. Not the LB we were all hoping for.

my question is..

how can Edmonton afford to sign all these "free Agents?"

what are they paying the rest of these players, $30,000 /yr?

because they still want Lumsden!!

they seem to have a lot of money free for such a cap size!

it's insane.

And then in 2010 there'll be 10-12 guys that year and then in 2011 there'll be....
That isn't a particularly solid argument. Letting key free agents go this year so you can sign key free agents next year is a lose-lose situation. every year there will be guys entering their option. And they won't sign either if you don't offer them a fair deal.
Again, Mo very clearly said he would gladly have stayed in Saskatchewan had we just offered him a fair deal. The fact that we offered him anything but a fair deal is in fact 100% at the door of management. If the Riders had made a fair and reasonable offer and THEN Mo did not sign, you might have a point. But saying any player should just suck it up and show team loyalty and play for 75% of his market value is just never going to happen. Obviously, based on the offer the Riders made, we had no commitment to retaining Mo's services. So why should he in turn show the team any loyalty?