Where's our Evans thread? - Evans to start!

CoachE, a tip of the cap.

Your son is a gamer.

Congrats to the Evans family.

I hope to see him for years to come.


Pay him starter money and lock him up for a while.


Dane proved today it was a mistake sitting him on the bench. Hopefully he gets a chance to redeem himself for last season’s Grey Cup disappointment next week.


Before new year.


Under recognized play of the game was the Evans strip/Fumble recovery at the end of the 1st half.

that was WOW!!!!!!


No, I think that play is well appreciated. A lot of people have mentioned it so far. That was great determination from Dane. He was even being blocked and still managed to break free and snag the ball back. At the very least he prevented another Argo FG.


Damn straight


A great game by Evans and he gets 7 comments in this thread . Can't we just be happy for a great win ???

Count up all the Evans praise in the other threads and get back to us with totals.

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Correct. Major mistake that the team got away with.

Dane is a great young talent. Should be locked up long term. Still not sure what we were trying to accomplish this year, wasting a year of development for some misplaced or misjudged loyalty.

Regardless of result next week, Dane has cemented himself as the long term face of the franchise.


Kinda paints a picture, doesn't it Pat?
Sadly, many TiCat fans, in this forum, seem to have a preference for posting comments, about our players performing poorly than well. I think Dane performed very well, presented his teammates with a never-give-up demonstration, and backed up my belief that's he should be our QB choice for the future.
Post game:
@daneevans9: “I don’t care if I have to serve water all game, I’ll do whatever I have to if it means we all get our names on that cup.”


Very much agree , ....Dane Evans , could you please slide at the end of a run or before a tackle ? We want you throwing passes and doing QB stuff , just not all by yourself, hit the turf sliding more please......
Edit:.....Playing defensive back and ripping "our" ball back out of the hands of defenders can be an exception ....unbelievable! { Great QB tandem !!}

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I wonder if Dane's 100% completion percentage will count as a record? In the past I've seen a threshold of 20 pass attempts before they will consider it as a single-game record.

Winnipeg Free Press article today Hamilton back up QB saves the day.

Dane is our franchise and the team responds to him and his energy. He is no back up.

We must sign him long term.

Yes he was a spark plug and now must play the whole game.

Momentum changes quickly, Papi White started the change.

Bombers looked very beatable against Sk.

We will be playing in our back yard. Big point in our favor.

Let's go Ticats!


Too bad the HC sees him as the backup. Always a weird look to have your teams best QB standing on the sidelines. Evans should (and should have been) the starter all season and into Sunday.

Now, does Coach O pull a Belichick, and start Tom Brady over the semi-final reliever/winner in Drew Bledsoe?

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Evans is your starter. No if's ands or buts. If it comes down to a choice between Masoli or Evans in the off season I think your management is smart enough to make the right decision.

Anyway, great game! Most everyone here in Winnipeg is happy you beat the Anchors (except maybe O'Shea, he played for them).

Looking forward to the rematch next Sunday! :smiley: :+1:


Well they got a built in money saver to pay Dane more $$$ .... Masoli will let go within minutes of the conclusion to the grey Cup game .... Win or lose for the cats ... Especially with the win as Dane should be the QB start to finish. The Ticats front office should already be speaking to Danes agent on renegotiation a with more $$$

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He played for the Cats too.

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He was drafted by the Cats. Then incurred everyone's ire by trying the NFL & signing with the Argos when he came back to the league.

Then signing again with the Cats for 1 year, only to leave again for the Argos.

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O'Shea is the anti - Angela Mosca.

The most disloyal, disrespectful and the lowest player in ticat history.
If Mosca is the face of the franchise; o'shea is the butt of the franchise.

Wish we never drafted him. So full of himself.