Where's Moreno?

Doesn't look like the same guy from last year.

Making wrong reads and being blocked fairly easily.

Yeah i don't know what's wrong with him? sophmore slump maybe, he certainly doesn't look like the playmaker he was last year. Hopefully he can get it turned around.

Not that I'm one to talk but Latino Heat looks a little heavy.

Eat and Destroy?

Who? Ben Zambiasi, Calvin Tiggle where are you?

maybe hes stuck in the huge rut caused by the D coach... you call the plays as the coach sees em... and last year creehan was worse in the league for points against...

Creehan=worst dc in CFL. FIRE HIM!!!!!!!!!

Not to beat a dead horse, but Moreno would look better with Armour lining up beside him.

Ok he could play better but don’t make him out to be "Rita Moreno’…too soon…lol

Yeah, I wonder if it's Creehan's D.

no Armour...
When Had Armour he has less people blocking him.
so he could make the Tackle..

Ray is good Kid and Nice back up
But he is No Armour..

When they blitz they leave huge spaces and Calgary just took advantage. Moreno doesn't seem the same as last year though.. possbily because Creehan keeps changing his assignments, he is overthinking the situation and worrying about coverage, or he is just not clicking yet.

Nah, I don't buy that. Linebackers do not line up close enough to each other for that to happen.

I'm not saying Moreno is playing well, because he isn't really. But I'd like to address the "being blocked fairly easy" comment.

We were getting absolutely no push from the DT position. Although it's not uncommon for a MLB to fight off a block and make a play, most of the time it's the D-lines job to create havoc and take blockers out of the play. Have you ever heard of "clogging up the middle?"

At times, Zeke had a lineman and a FB running at him with the RB behind that. How in the world is he supposed to shed 500 pounds of blockers out of the way, and then bring down a 220-pound back?

As for his decision making, it looked like he was so worried about the flat passes (because they were yet again gaining 15 yards on a 3-yard dump-off pass) that he wasn't focussed on his job. Can you blame him for being worried about his outside LB's assignments? Or even his CB's or his Safety for that matter?

He can't do everything and I think his game is lacking because he's trying to do everything.

He has no help....period.

We are talking about our best defensive player here people. We have to upgrade the supporting cast and build a unit around him. Then, if he isn't getting the job done that's a different story.

We have so many other problems on defence that it's entirely unfair to blame one player and say "he's not himself."

This thread, along with a few others about Zeke, are completely driving me nuts.

Why did you guys let Armour go? Not signing him because you wanted a Canadian at that position was a big mistake. Marius is a good special teams player and a good backup but he is not a starter in this league at linebacker.

But I agree that the pass rush needs serious help.

I think you have a good point here. I too was trying to understand what was going on so I watched the replays intently. Moreno was everywhere where others players should have been. When he was in the middle he was double teamed. He is trying to do too much. He should just play the middle like he is suppose to and let the coaches sink with there incredibly poor plans.

AMG, you make alot of sense.

no dee line, 1/3 of a linebacking corps Fort Moreno cant hold on the charging cavalry by himself ya now

Even that famous NFL LB Sam Huff or Ray Nitscke (did I spell that right?)of the "Real Pack" couldn't keep this trainwreck of a front seven (or is it six?) intact...

Zeke went left,a big huge gaping hole opened up on the D-line,and the running back went right up the middle.I'm not sure why Zeke vacated his spot in the middle,but I think they will look at the film and find out what went wrong.Zeke has been a great player for us.